How To Write A Post Apocalyptic RPG, The Fallout: New Vegas Way

It starts with a box, says the developer of the follow up to the hugely successful Fallout 3. Oh, but don't call that box a post apocalyptic role-playing game. That's a pretty crappy way to describe it.

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Hellsvacancy3010d ago

Yea boi, i loved Fallout 3 i cant wait 4 Fallout Vegas

Xof3009d ago

Well, if anyone needs to be told, "How To Write," it the folks who wrote Fallout 3.

Darkfiber3009d ago

Easy, it's made by Obsidian. So basically, just copy whatever the original company did in the first game, but make it worse and screw up every gameplay mechanic that was good in the first game (or third in this case). That's the Obsidian way!

3000d ago