The mysterious face in Madden 08

A possible explanation as to why a strange face is appearing on the information bar at different points in Madden 08. Is it related to the recent in-game advertising deal between EA Sports and Massive Network?

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timmyp535779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )


bee24275779d ago

i dont see it as that big of a deal as long as it doesnt change the gaming experience... it does feel more realistic like your actually at a game rather then have fake advertising that looks corny

Maddens Raiders5779d ago

traditional advertising during a real ball game is no big deal. Hell, everything from the drive summaries to timeouts are sponsored by some corporate entity. It's a curse of capitalism that cuts both ways and we're just going to have to deal with it as more and more people are looking to get in OUR (gamer's) pockets with their stupid advertising.

What is the most vocal form of protest about such moves you ask?:

Don't buy the game and maybe they will respond to those lousy numbers; however this is highly unlikely as the droned masses will eat it up like mana from Heaven. Oh well.....plenty of other games don't have the in game adverts and I love playing them just fine. =]

sovietsoldier5779d ago

maybe the vision cam,or forum avtar. anything is possible.

WhEeLz5779d ago

whats next.....pop ups?? lol

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