Half-Ass Gaming: Trinity Universe Review

Kevin Jones writes: "Trinity Universe is an RPG created by three different companies that combines characters from each of their respective properties. So those familiar with the Disgaea and Atelier series will see a lot of familiar characters in Trinity Universe. Now if you're easily put off by Anime games, I will go ahead and leave a disclaimer for you to avoid at all costs. If Anime is okay in your book or you're an experienced otaku, then go ahead and continue with the rest of the review."

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vhero3008d ago

Sick of people looking at graphics thinking "this should have been a PS2 game" and low balling the score. Since when all of a sudden did great graphics make a great game? SMG2 got 10's all over the place yet when compared to uncharted or gears of war it gets destroyed but does this get taken into account for that game which "could have been made on the gamecube" Hell no.. Biased media at it's best.