Is Blizzard just cashing in with Starcraft II?

Starcraft II is just around the corner, waiting to be released to anxious gamers, waiting for this sequel since the first game. With the announcement that SCII will be split up into three games, is Blizzard just trying to cash in, or is this move a legitimate one.

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jazzking20013008d ago

what do you mean by "cashing in" ?
if you mean make a TON OF MONEY
then yes
but i do not think that they just make a crappy sequel to sell it
anyone can tell from the released cutscenes and gameplay that a TON of work has gone into making SC2

badz1493008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

THAT doesn't make it right for them to separate the game into 3 retail games now does it? what's SC without all 3 clans available, right? so, in order to have the full experience of SCII like how it should be, I will need to buy 3 games instead of just 1! that's not just cashing in! it's trying to rip-off fans! I despise them for doing this and I think Kotick hand them the idea of this!

moe843008d ago

Sure it does. If there is enough content on each installment. Then by all means break SC2 into 3 games. There aren't many RTS games of this caliber that have any where near 30 missions.

Twilightx73008d ago

All 3 "clans" are completely available for multiplayer, and seeing as how Starcraft 1 shipped with full mp and 30 missions, and this has full mp and 26-30 missions (anyone have the confirmed final number?), you're getting what would be considered a "full game" by content standards.

Additionally, the two expansions that add the other campaign missions will be priced as expansions and not full games, so really, if you expect to pay $50-60 for what could amount to 90 missions plus mp, I think YOU'D be the greedy one here.

Darkstorn3008d ago

Blizzard has the quality reputation to prevent them from ever being seen as a truly money-grubbing corporation unless they really screw up.

I do, however, lament the lack of LAN play.

GrilledCheeseBook3008d ago

has the same amount of missions as the first with full mp
plus didn't they announce that before the merger and i would believe the other games to function as expansions

Kerrby3007d ago

Is Blizzard just cashing in with Starcraft II?

Yeah, they're just cashing in even though they just spend $100million on the game.

Stupid article.

kevnb3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

go buy all your rehashed sequels year after year. Of course they arent just cashing in, what is the point of this article? Is every sequel guaranteed to sell just cashing in?

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Perjoss3008d ago

when people heard it was being made into a trilogy they somehow thought this would mean 3 smaller games at a full price each. If I know Blizzard you will get more than your moneys worth with each game and then some. And thats before you even boot up multiplayer.

JsonHenry3008d ago

Played in the last two beta phases. This game is AWESOME in beta form.

RedDragan3008d ago

And what about Steam?

No word on that. Are the "expansions" going to be discounted as well on that platform or will the many thousands of people who choose digital download get screwed?

GrilledCheeseBook3008d ago

they don't use steam
they have their own DD platform

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Jerk1203008d ago

After WoW happened Blizzard became a greed machine, and this is without taking into account the merger with Activision.

HydraxFFx3008d ago

BULL-SHIT, Blizzard is one of the few companies who still care about the consumers.

Pennywise3008d ago

They care a little too much with the way they dumbed WoW down. I just got back into it and I miss the skill required. Everything seems so easy now.

captain-obvious3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

@ HydraxFFx
is that why they split the game in to 3 games ??

dude get real
im with Sleipnir on this one

and yah the next Starcraft could be an MMO just like what happen to warcraft

Legosz3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Easy, right pennywise. Try 25 maning icecrown stage 3 and then you can tell me it is easy. I want video proof.

EDIT: Disagree with me all you want you know you no skill douchebags can't do it.

Pennywise3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Wow, Legosz .... You need to calm the **** down.

I just started back after two years quit. I used to down anything important with my guild and I know the work it took for end game. I am not talking about end game. I am talking about leveling up and getting quests done.

I used to spend hours getting quest drops... not it is almost 100%. Elite mobs leveling up are not elite anymore. You don't need the hammer to bang the gong in ZF... Running instances (LEVELING UP) is easy as pie... just gather a bunch and move at a lightning pace. They dumbed it down.

I also know it is easy to get epics on your chars now... I don't know about you, but I used to play way back in the day. Vanilla WoW as some may call it... the game isn't the same as it used to be.

Having said that, you are a jerk... no need to be so hostile. Typical WoW elitist response from you though. Go take a shower and throw away your poop sock.

EDIT: Thank you, Raf1k1 - I was in those guilds farming BWL and MC back when... also AQ and NAXX. These new players have no idea what skill is.

Raf1k13008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

He's comparing it to the way it used to be since vanilla WoW was harder. Back then it was eaxtremely difficult to complete the top end raids as only the most hardcore guilds could do AQ and Naxx. These days there a many more players able to do ICC 25 man raids.

Theres also a huge difference in time required to skill up professions ans XP required to level to 70 has been reduced a lot.

edit: NVM, he's said it just before I did.

HydraxFFx3008d ago

Name any other developer that puts as much effort and time into their games as Blizzard; SC2, D3 and War4, that frequently talk with the community through the forums and even arrange dates to play with fans, that has there own convention for fans to join up and enjoy. They STILL update Diablo 2 and Starcraft along with the regular WoW patches every few months. Starcraft being split into three games is for each race to get it's own full story and the others are not even full price games but expansion packs.
You need to get real, Blizzard has ONLY released quality products for their fans.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Blizzard care about their Consumers.

Just look the great deals of Starcraft 2 in other Countries, like Mexico.

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Baka-akaB3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

"the without taking in account the merger" part is quite the BULL-SHIT .

From the moment wow was released it always had patches with far more content than any other concurrent .

And if someone else had a hold of each of their expansion , they'd have cut it down at least in half and sold it twice .

After the merger now , while still a quality oriented company , they've made some dubious choices (hence my refusal to buy starcraft 2 with regional restrictions and till a bundle of all three campaigns appears) , wich can maybe be blamed on activision , but that's it .

f7897903008d ago

They spent way too much on this game to be a greed machine. Granted it's nothing compared to their income but they definitely wanted it to be good.

badz1493008d ago

but selling the full experience of 1 game at the price of 3 is a sign of greed no matter what you wanna say! don't say it like other companies don't spend just as much resources on their games but Blizzard is the only 1 doing this! I don't see EA sells their RTS games separated! right....because SC is like the most popular RTS on earth and will sell millions for sure, they wanna triple their income it by ripping-off fans!

Baka-akaB3008d ago

you are the one spinning and scrapping the barrel here .

Starcraft is easily bigger than COD , and blizzard decided instead to turn Warcraft into a big thing ... while they could have easily milk starcraft .

With anyone else's standard we'd be at starcraft 6 by now and easily 50+ million games sold.

olit1233008d ago

I don't think they are greedy. Now that they have tons of money coming in they can afford to put a lot of time into there games to make it perfect. Many games that are released these days don't reach their full potential because of publishers trying to hurry the game out or they don't have much of a budget.

As long as blizzard have the amount of money coming in that WoW is providing them with currently, they have all the time in the world to develop it and can put the game out when it's ready. Also, I remember hearing in an interview that each campaign for SC:II are very long.

kevnb3007d ago

some illogical cost argument.

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Caspel3008d ago

I cannot stand when publishers release all-CG trailers and commercials with no gameplay footage.

Seijoru3008d ago

Yeah that's what pissed me off about the Old Republic trailers.

GrilledCheeseBook3008d ago

RTS gameplay don't make for good cinematic trailers
the beta showed the multiplayer and they already showed off a few missions

Onsyman3008d ago

I really think that at the stage that Blizzard has reached they can do whatever they want and we will still pay them, they control us.

badz1493008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I'm a huge fan of SC but Blizzard is now asking me to pay triple the price for the sequel which so far looks like the original with upgraded graphics (like it should, it's been 10 years) and just some added units! will I be paying just because Blizzard is oh-so-almighty and I'm a huge fan? there's a fine line between a fan and a sheep and I know I'm not a sheep! will you be one? your choice

DarkBlade46583008d ago

Finding out about SC2 splitting into 3 games, I was a little disapointed with them. I however don't doubt that the games will still be phenomenal.