Cosplay Babe of the Week is Sophitia Alexander of Soul Calibur

Jon Lynch: "Soul Calibur is easily one of the most popular fighting series in gaming and has been since the franchise first debuted as Soul Blade (or Soul Edge) in arcades. There’s no denying that one of the many factors of Soul Calibur that helps bolster the popularity are the female characters. Over the years, the women of Soul Calibur have slowly clawed their way up to the top of gaming to sit alongside the likes of the Dead or Alive women."

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VG_Releaser5105d ago

Alissa Kiss is the best western cosplayer ever. I still think her Cammy beats this though.

GunShotEddy5105d ago

first time I've ever seen an asian Sophitia. Me likey. Wait, is she the same as cassandra?

BeaRye5105d ago

Cassandra and Sophitia are too different characters. At one point Cassandra replaced Sophitia. I think they're sisters. To the google machine!

vgn245105d ago

I lost all respect for her when she jumped from doing good old fashioned cosplay to doing "adult" modeling. Cosplay is ok because it's not over the line, but she lost my respect. Now back to these ladies, ha.

Spenok5104d ago

Im going to have to look up this, Alissa Kiss.

charlescox45105d ago

not the most fappable stuff ever, but very good work on most of the costumes.

BattersUp5105d ago

All I want to know is how the heck do I get my girl to do this?

Boody-Bandit5105d ago (Edited 5105d ago )

She had no problems posing for me.
Want me to send you some of the photo's? ;)

5105d ago
5105d ago
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ken2813333d ago

Why not just release SC2 with Hehachi?


Soul Calibur IV - 15 Years of Soul

Soul Calibur IV launched worldwide 15 years ago, bringing with it the best performance of the series to date.

Terry_B349d ago

Hell no. It was the start of the downfall (SCV) of the series. Huge downstep from the giant SCIII

purple101349d ago

Switched to unreal engine. Ruined it.

Yi-Long348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Used to love this series, probably my favorite 3D fighter, perhaps together with the now also dead Dead or Alive (2-3-4), but as with so many games in the fighting genre, their short-term greed (season passes) has made me lose all interest, sadly …

sagapo348d ago

Yeah, I remember playing Soul Caliber on my dreamcast at the time, that was insane!

sosro348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

the first three are much better games.

Walweeze348d ago

Loved Number 2 and 3( loved all the solo modes like chronicle of the sword ) so was super hyped when 4 came out but the lack of single player content was disappointing. Still love soul calibur to this day though

DarXyde347d ago

2 was definitely the golden era of Soul Calibur for me. I was a bit conflicted about it at times because there were 3 different versions (I liked the PS2 version for controls, I liked playing as Spawn the most, and I thought the addition of Link was really awesome). Even so, the single player content was outstanding. Easily the most fun I've had with a fighting game, followed closely by Tekken 5's single player modes

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