Mass Effect 2 DLC...So Far (RunDLC)

Most Xbox 360 games support downloadable content, but Mass Effect 2 is on a whole other level. BioWare continues to support its million selling sci-fi epic more than five months after its release, with the latest mission, Lair of the Shadow Broker, on the way.

To help you keep up, we created a list of ME2 DLC released and upcoming. Avatar gear and themes not included.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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MariaHelFutura3012d ago

Nice, I just bought ME2 today. It`s a great game, much much much better than the first. I`m only a few hours in and I`m lovin` it. Sorry, McDonalds don`t sue me. LOL. Great game.

Megaton3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Both are pretty stellar, but I think the first one is hands-down the better game. I played ME2 first, and when I went back and did ME1 I was just blown away. I think I did my first two playthroughs in five 15-hour sittings because I was so enthralled. Better story, better weapon system, more freedom, WAY better vehicle (Mako shits on the Hammerhead), better Krogan (Wrex > all), etc.

As for the point of this article, ME2's DLC, it's mostly good. I have all the Cerberus Network stuff, Kasumi, and Overlord. Zaeed and Kasumi are pretty cool, and both of them have interesting loyalty missions. Overlord turned out to be a lot better than I had anticipated. It was much deeper than the "let's kill more Geth" plot I had expected, with a pretty morbid ending to boot.

Tinted Eyes3012d ago

Man they are milking me2 owners

Lou-Cipher3012d ago

I thought the storyline was alot better in the first one, but the gameplay was miles better in the second game.

distorted_reality3012d ago

Xiphos, you would be like the only person who thinks the Mako is better than the Hammerhead lol.

Perjoss3012d ago

Tinted, you know all DLC is optional right? and people that still have a copy of ME2 are very likely waiting for more DLC.

mivanc3006d ago

Having played ME1 (Paragon), then ME2(Paragon), and ME1 again(Renegade) and ME2(Renegade) a second time ...

Verdict : I'll take the Hammerhead before the Mako hands-down.

To its credit, the Mako works well on flat terrain and during missions (where its mostly flat) in ME1 , but some planets were just horrible to drive on. Especially if one forgets to save and has to repeat. ;-(

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otherZinc3012d ago

I have over 200 hours invested in this game & any dlc like this, I'm all over DAY 1!

Nihilism3012d ago

My first playthrough with just the zaeed DLC took 44hr ( to complete every side quest 100%, 100% loyalty from all characters and all upgrades ).

My most recent playthrough doing the same, but with ALL DLC....only took 38...once you've done it a few times you can fly through. But my dialogue skipping probably payed a big part.

Yi-Long3012d ago

... is the reason I haven't bought the game yet. I'll wait for a GOTY edition, IF that ever comes out.

Weaksauce11383012d ago

You know only like 2 of them actually cost money.

Buff10443012d ago

It's definitely a must play. I really enjoyed visiting different cities and watching the cut scenes unfold. Wonderful game.

Myst3012d ago

I'm glad I've been taking my time with this game as of late. Can't wait till I can play Lair of the shadow broker. Would be nice to see what BioWare has up their sleeves for that one.

Buff10443012d ago

So far, I've enjoyed all of the DLC, especially the one with Zaeed. Played through it twice to see both outcomes.

alster233012d ago

really excited for lair of the shadow broker. but i feel obligated to buy the other dlc packs. problems is dont know which ones to get.

Nihilism3012d ago

Overlord is overrated, it's no better than any other mission, it doesn't add any unique weapons, just a 1hr mission.

Kasumi on the other hand gives a 1hr mission, a new character ( usable in every mission with some cool ass skills ) and an awesome SMG...the best in the game.

Kasumi is definitely the one to prioritise.

alster233012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

what about the other weapon/costume packs? worth it?

Nihilism3012d ago

The aegis pack and other armour packs aren't worth it.

The best shotgun in the game is free and it's the cerberus pack. The armour is comes with looks terrible so it's not worth it. Same with the inferno armour pack, it looks horrible and has poor stats. The aegis pack comes with the incisor sniper which is not a good weapon, it fires 3 shots at a time and chews through ammo but does poor damage considering it's 3 shots, the second sniper in game is better. But the best sniper is the widow anti matter one, which you can buy from legion.

All armours are terrible except the customisable default armour, and the only other weapon worth getting is in the kasumi pack.

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