Kinect vs. PlayStation Move: What's Better For Sports Games?- Gameplaybook

Gameplaybook examines the differences between the Kinect and the PlayStation Move, and which one may be better overall for sports gamers.

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GWAVE3012d ago

Which one is more accurate?

Because in the end, I think the thing gamers care about most in the phrase "sports games" is "games", not "sports".

darthv723012d ago

gaming is about having fun. If you can have fun with kinect or move then that is what should matter. It is entertainment after all.

sikbeta3012d ago

Then, you'll love Sport Champions for the PS3 with Move controls...

TheDCD3012d ago

Good far, we're liking Move on accuracy. :D

psman0123012d ago

Agreed. The Move demo that was just released seemed really tight with no lag, and 1:1. I dont know much about Kinect as I have only seen a bunch of monkeys jumping around, but I think that Move shall do better. But some games, like Soccer, IDK how Move will work with that. Tape Move controller to your shins??

zootang3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Did you see the Chameleon tech demo? It blew my mind! The possibilities.

blumatt3012d ago

Agreed. The chamelion tech demo Anton showed was awesome!! I can't wait to see what devs. do with Move over the next couple of years. If Sorcery is any indication, they'll do all sorts of awesome things.

psman0123012d ago

Yeah, the chameleon was definitely my favorite of the four shown

Omega43012d ago

Well Kinect offers sports that can't be done on Move/Wii like football, jogging etc. Not to mention Kinect Sports offers online play does Sports Champion?

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gamerzBEreal173012d ago

man Kinect lag WITH XBOX LIVE non-dedicated servers lag? Thats gunna be fun to see

sikbeta3012d ago

Keyword is [SEE]

Yeah, it'll be really fun to see the frustration of the guys dealing with the LAG of kinect + x-live, but, hell, it'd be a Major Pain in the nuts to even try it...

Pennywise3012d ago

Like lean left, lean right, ummm.... jump? Wow, this is sounding fun! I want to jog when I am playing Madden. I don't know a single person who can jog every play of a game and last till half time.

Why wouldn't sports champions offer online? Give us proof of your nonsense babble.

WLPowell3012d ago

Yup; competitive, online lag - a sport that can't be done on Move/wii.

CotieD3012d ago

I'm far from impressed with what they offer for Football. Did you even see some of the gameplay for that? Its like an on-rails soccer game.

Plus I am sure jogging has been done on the Wii with Wii Fit.

I'm not sure if there is online play with Sports Champion. I would be surprised if there wasn't, but they haven't announced it from my knowledge yet. They do have leaderboards though.

table3012d ago

that footie game was hilarious

weazel3012d ago Newcastle under keegan.

table3012d ago

hey, i'm a newcastle fan. I hope you meant that it's end to end great football under keegan - and not hilarious

weazel3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Nah,not slagging them off at all - Keegan was a legend - just meant that attacking was balls to the wall excitement, and defence was.....was.....uhhh.

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cliffbo3012d ago

you do know that the PSEye has full body tracking right? have you seen Kung Fu Live?

mrv3213012d ago

No Kinect can do

1. Kicking
2. Running of the stop

Two activities you can do right now free of charge and with more than 2 players.

IneedWeed3011d ago

Have fun playing in your limited motion "sports" games. I'm going to play those sports in real life. Kinect fails, there's way more stuff that Move/Wii can do, but Kinect can't. Are you serious about getting Kinect Sports, that $50 crap is not even bundled with Kinect. Have fun with your gimmicky games.

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ElementX3012d ago

If I had to choose, I'd choose a regular controller.

Fishy Fingers3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Yeah, me to, I can see the novelty, say in a baseball/Golf game or something, but for Fifa, madden, NBA/NHL and all the other stuff (stuff I personally like), I cant see myself wanting to use anything but a pad.

(Sport) Mini-game bundles (wii sports and the like) are fun for a while, but is it really anything more than a compilation of shallow games? I like depth.

JustTheFactsMr3012d ago

Your mixing up ideas here.

There is nothing shown so far to indicate Move has any less "depth" than DS. Nothing. If anything the feedback from the Zippers guys is it brings additional immersion. If you don't consider increased immersion additional depth then fine.

It's fine if you think you will prefer DS. But the biased presentation of using the words novelty to serve it have nothing to do with the depth of one controller over another.

Besides Move is actually moving in 3D space so technically it will have more depth by default :)

Fishy Fingers3012d ago

Depth wise, I was talking about mini game bundles like Wii sports as opposed to games dedicated to one sport. Nothing to do with Move/DS. You read my comment right?

Also, Zipper arent making a sports game are they? I'm talking about the topic, which is sports games, and like my comment said, the games I prefer in that genre are more likely suited to a controller.

You seem to have misconstrued my comment quite badly.

JustTheFactsMr3012d ago

You were responding to his comment about choosing a regular controller over Move.

Then you the said the Move is a novelty for an arbitrary list of full sports game based on your own bias rather than anything concrete to back it up. Fine.

What else is a novelty except a euphemism for something that is shallow/ doesn't have the lasting appeal to keep one's attention or meet ones needs?

You meant something else than it lacked the depth of a pad for a certain class of sports games except Baseball and Golf? For other sports games it's even less than a novelty? So you weren't talking about depth?

Which part did I misconstrue?

Nice. As if what Zipper has learnt could never be applicable to a sports game. It's not like your moving a person around a screen and trying to co-ordinate a secondary group of players to get into position or anything like that.

I mean it's not like you could potentially use the nav control for the main player and use the wand to do more accurate pinpoint passing than with the current DS inputs. As someone that has played the sport the lack of direct input is one of the most frustrating aspects of current games. Because I KNOW my foot would have got the right weighting to get to THAT spot. Maybe even with the right spin to set the player up for the best shot. Twist of the wrist with the Move. Complicated sequence of differential events with a standard controller.

But I guess it's easier to be cling to some bull about staying on topic and pretend you didn't mean what you meant instead. You know instead of stepping outside of your own self-limiting bias. My mistake.

Btw your the one that actually misconstrued my comment quite badly. I never said anything about the mini-game aspect. That's why I put depth in quotes because it was nothing more than an euphemism for the novelty claim you were making about Move in full sports games. Read my post again.

Why o why3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

but buttons wins 'most' genres of gaming...FACT

If im mistaken then please show me at least an example NOT some wishful thinking

Actually. these comparisons are unfair. Let the actual games do the talking if and when they release.

wenaldy3012d ago


Games on the Move already convinced me to buy it...

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