Prototype 2 Will Soon Be At Your Tail, Sucker Punch

Competition breeds excellence, didn’t you know?

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Poseidon4699d ago

prototype = saints row. infamous = grand theft auto.

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Chicken Chaser4699d ago

Uh, Kattik21... It's clearly an article from the site...

I'll be looking to see what Prototype 2 will be like compared to inFamous 2. And from what we've seen from Sucker Punch, it'll be hard for Radical Entertainment to match it,especially when there own is multiplatform. Certain things the 360 just can't do.

Nice article, but Prototype 2 will be no contest for inFamous 2

Joule4699d ago

Do you need help posting good articles, I know someone that can help. I think I PM'd you already for posting something shitty but hey you always get a second chance.

Megaton4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

I think he writes these. Most people from GamesThirst submit their own droppings, followed by immediately complimenting themselves on a great article.

TheGamer4697d ago

prototype = meh (actually good attempt)

infamous = awesome!!!!

Cloudberry4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

From the article :

"I’m talking about Prototype 2; and although the title hasn’t been announced as of yet, there’s almost a guarantee it will."


That's it!?!?!?

I thought this was Prototype 2 announcement WTF!?

Chicken Chaser4699d ago

It's an article. Read it, a good one at that.

Cloudberry4699d ago

But I thought it's a Prototype 2 official announcement... /: (

Chicken Chaser4699d ago

Oh. No, by the look of things, just an article. I thought prototype discussion is well passed due, so I subbed.

But like I said, it'll be no match for inFamous 2 imo...

Still, you never know.

Bocanegra4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

The first eight comments in here are absolutely retarded and annoying and are probably made by the same two people using multiple accounts.

wenaldy4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

prototype = emo. infamous = progressive rock

edit: did i late for party?

kvg884698d ago

prototype = Ninja Gaiden II. inFamous = Ninja Gaiden Sigma II.

kingjoker344698d ago

prototype= banjo kazooie. Infamous 2= Little Big Planet

chrisnick4698d ago


chrisnick4698d ago

comment system just failed me.

marinelife94698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

Prototype = A rental that you take back early
Infamous = A $60 Blockbuster Video you own it late charge.

palaeomerus4698d ago

Nope. Both are easy to beat rentals.

BasilMarceaux4698d ago

cant we just say that prototype was a piece of crap?

edhe4698d ago

You can, but it was fun none the less.

edhe4698d ago

so prototype's more fun than infamous then?

GTA4 was an absolute dullard and a bore compared to saints row 2, and yes i completed them both - at least saints row 2's overpriced dlc was fun, and not an awful slog back through the most tedious game dynamics.

"woo i have a mission to do, woo i have to call the gun guy, woo i have to go meet him, woo i have to buy stuff with money that i'm not sure i remember how i earn, woo i have to drive to the mission, god sake stupid cops, OH FFS STUPID CARS - Argh here we go again.
Who the hell was shooting me from there? Couldn't the game maybe have told me my health was getting low? Great, at the hospital with less money, and i just wasted half an hour of my life..."

Rinse, Repeat.

gtamike4697d ago

Prototype 2 "shakes head"

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Karooo4699d ago

kick them out of n4g and stop approving this stuff

HolyOrangeCows4698d ago

It's just gamesthirst being gamesthirst. GT, HHG, and PX360 have no reason to be on N4G.

Imperator4698d ago

Not this thing again. Remember, Ninja Blade vs. God of War III, Forza vs. GT5, inFAMOUS vs. Prototype, Alan Wake vs. Heavy Rain, etc, etc..

We all know who won in the end, so please 360 fans don't even start another comparison.

bjornbear4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

is there actually any proof of prototype 2? haven't seen anything on the web o.O

yes imperator, gamers won ;P

ABizzel14698d ago

To be honest I hope Prototype 2 does come out. inFamous was better and they unfairly got compared to one another, I believe Activision wanted it to happen since they thought the carnage in Prototype would win gamers over.

Anywho Prototype is actually a pretty good game, early on it's mediocre, but as you progress and gain more powers the game is good. Enemy's are relentless though and will get on your neres, but the game is good. Everyone needs to give it a try the demo didn't do the game justice.

MmaFanQc4698d ago

...they better show me something impressive because infamous simply curb stomped prototype mltiple times.

and i bet the same story will happen with infamous2 vs prototype2

WildArmed4698d ago

Agreed. These guys are a pathetic excuse for a gaming info website.
They throw out nothing but recycled crap and with a huge flame-bait twist.

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Lou-Cipher4699d ago

It was OK to compare Infamous 1 to Prototype 1 because we didn't know what to expect other than they were both open world super hero games.

But now we know that Prototype is not even in the same league as Infamous, so lets not even try to tie in that piece of garbage with Infamous this time around.

webeblazing4698d ago

i didnt know prototype was a super hero no wonder theres so much wrong information is on here

Quagmire4698d ago

I say prototype 2 would have greater potential this time round. They had a brilliant idea, just executed poorly, where infamous was a poor idea (shooting lightning? pfft, my tazer gun could do a better job), but executed well.

kunark4698d ago

dude infamous idea was great for me i loved the idea of having lighting powers wasn't just shooting thunder bolts they mixed the lighting powers up from grenades to bringing down a thunder storm you ever dreamed of being a super hero this game did it for me a normal guy get hit my a prototype thing aka the ray sphere and becomes a man induced with lighting powers for me was like being raiden from mk with better powers and climbing ability

ZombieAutopsy4699d ago

Funny thing is Infamous almost sold as much as prototype did on both xbox and ps3, not that sales equal quality but still its pretty impressive.

callahan094699d ago

I hated Prototype. Just couldn't get into it. Didn't like that world, those powers, the controls, the camera, the mission structure, the story, or anything else about it...

ABizzel14698d ago

Not going against your opinion, but I had the exact same feeling, because I was playing both games at the same time. But I recently bought and played Prototype just because it was on sale for $10.

And now that I've played it later I really enjoyed it.

1) The World. I don't see what's there to complain about. It's large and there are tons of people in it. It's a decent replica of New York, but not spot on.

2) The powers aren't really powers, it's more like weapons, but the shapeshifting and everything was fine to me.

The controls I completely understand. It took to many buttons to do the simplist of things.

The camera was decent, Missions were good, the story was decent, and overall the game gets better as you progress through it.

I think you should give it another tyr, it's a pretty good game.

ian724698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

I agree Prototype is a good game. I got them both for PS3 when they came out last summer. inFamous I played first and completed Hero story. Prototype I have started and got half way through twice (PS3 broke and had to start again). Will finish it one day. I liked inFamous better, but Prototype is still good and worth playing.
I will be getting inFamous 2, and if they do make another Prototype I will probably get that also.