Final Fantasy Union: Episode 39

Final Fantasy Union writes, "The goods on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIV are the stars of this episode, but this episode of Final Fantasy Union also marks host Kyle Wynen's last show. Alongside reminiscing like old times, the crew of Kyle, David and Darryl tackle word that Versus XIII's story is complete, news on Final Fantasy XIV's fees, release date, and a bit of controversy involving the game and Microsoft!"

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Selyah3638d ago

Cannot wait for versus and xiv

somekyle3638d ago

FFXIII was stepping on FFXIV's release date window, now I wonder if FFXIV will step on Versus' xD.

Spenok3637d ago

Agreed, Final Fantasy XIV can not come soon enough. I wonder when VS will come out. Hopefully next year some time.

JDouglasGU3638d ago

Square's comments about FFIV on xbox live are always intriguing.

somekyle3638d ago

I think you me FFXIV xD.

ShawnCollier3638d ago

Yeah, I wonder if that move will come to bit MS in the rear eventually.

blasian3638d ago

Cant wait for FFXIV, but square better get right. Release is less thatn 60 days and beta is having problems. Hopefully all will be resolved

Capt-FuzzyPants3638d ago

Versus looks amazing i cant wait until nomura reveals more about it.