The Ten Best Games of 2010 So Far

The ten best games of 2010 so far - We're over halfway through 2010. Base don the highest reviewed games on NowGamer for 2010, the site looks at the ten best.

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darkcharizard5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

dear god... another one!?

fastrez5112d ago

Why not? We have just passed the halfway mark of 2010. It's interesting to see how websites have rated all the games this year so far.

user94220775112d ago

You mean you just made the article purely for hits...

TheLeprachaun5112d ago

You do realise thats the whole point in journalistic websites? To get hits....

user94220775112d ago

Sigh. Of course you didn't see the meaning of my comment. Sites like NowGamer only make articles, not to cater their readers some good writing, but to straight away stick it on N4G.

poopnscoop5112d ago

This is NowGamer we're talking about. Originality isn't their strong suit. Flame bait and hit whoring? Sure. Writing something actually worth reading? Hardly.

Just look at their latest few articles --they don't do research and just write the first half-assed thing that comes to mind. Horrid web site.

Darkstorn5112d ago

I'd have GoW III on there. I haven't played any of those Wii games, so...

fastrez5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

You people are mental...it's a rundown of the sites top best reviewed games of 2010, not the guy's opinion, chill out, read the opening paragraph that EXPLAINS this and take it with a heavy pinch of salt.

Man, life must be dull if things like this get you so worked up...

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BeaArthur5112d ago

There are a lot of games missing from that list. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

fastrez5112d ago

Except it's not an opinion piece, it's a recap of 2010's best review scores. The guy's opinion has nothing to do with the article. If you want to get mad at anyone, click through to the reviews To every game on that list you disagree with, then give the reviewer a hard time.

Don't shoot the messenger is the rule here.

BeaArthur5112d ago

It's the best review scores according to nowgamer so therefore it's an opinion. It's not a list of the best scored games of the year via their metascore.

Oh I see, you work for nowgamer. I'll pass on reading every single review since I won't agree with most of them, and I don't see the need in giving you guys more hits when your site doesn't seem to produce a lot of quality articles. It's constantly flame bait and top 10 lists. Come to think of it I don't know if I've ever seen a good editorial from nowgamer.

OhReginald5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

hmmm not one ps3 exclusive....not one...

EDIT: oh its nowgamer....nvm.

Agent_Cody_Banks5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

Great list, it left garbage like God of War III out.

moparful995112d ago

Lol you say that like you actually believe it.. I feel sorry for you..

Agent_Cody_Banks5112d ago

Lol how would you know? You didn't hear my voice.

moparful995108d ago

No sarcasm tag means I take it at face value..

TheAwesomessMan5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

Here's my top two Games I currently own on my PS3:

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Greatest Game Ever)
2. Infamous (Best Superhero Sandbox Game)

edit: why did I get disagrees for I only own MGS4 and Infamous FF13 don't deserve to be in my top 5 or 10.

Darkstorn5112d ago

Your comment is completely irrelevant to the article. This is about the top 10 games of 2010, not your personal top two...