Games That Make You Feel Like A Superhero

GameInformer: Becoming more powerful has been a staple of video games since the very beginning. Whether it's adding that second ship in Galaga, leveling up in Final Fantasy, or grabbing the Master Sword in Zelda, games have always been fantastic at making you feel more powerful than a mere human.

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SeanRL3637d ago

Batman AA made me feel like a sneaky ninja than a superhero.

I like being a sneaky ninja.

darkcharizard3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

This list should include Prototype too. Its more a superhero-ish experience than infamous. IMO. Please don't kill my bubbles!

gamerzBEreal173637d ago

lol dude this argument is still here?? dude prototype was garbage everyone forgot about it like 2 weeks after it came out lol and all it is is blowing up stuff thats not a super hero

Aphe3637d ago

Actually I enjoyed Prototype as well, there were a lot of comparisons made to Infamous when they came out but I enjoyed both of them, and they were quite different really. I never saw Cole possessing a soldier for a start. Prototype gets a lot of flak but it was a lot of fun.

It had plenty of rough edges, but so did Infamous. I'd like a sequel, I think they could make quite a few improvements, the story for one which wasn't one of it's stronger points.

Blacktric3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

It's his own opinion. Leave the people alone who'd like to voice their own opinions about how they truly feel for something fo god's sake. "You can't say anything bad about PS3 and its games here even if "you and only you" just don't like it because of certain reasons or else you get tons of disagrees. Or you can't say anything bad about 360 or else they take a bubble from you." And I'm seriously getting sick of all this bullsh*t.

raWfodog3637d ago

I liked Prototype too. It made me feel really powerful, but not a super'hero'.

Focker-4203637d ago

InFamous was 1000 times better than Prototype

distorted_reality3637d ago

I've just been playing through Prototype again, and I still enjoy it for the mindless carnage that it is. Doesn't make me feel like a superhero though.

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Strange_Evil3637d ago

Even Assassin's Creed had a superhero flare... Call me crazy, but GOW3 was the game where I really felt like a superhero.. The guy rips heads with his hands!!!

Cajun Chicken3637d ago

Jesus. What's the hate of Prototype compared to Infamous all about? Are we not all over this yet? Can't we enjoy BOTH because BOTH are on our main chosen platform PS3?

HolyOrangeCows3637d ago

Duh. But only certain ones. For example, Superman 64 does not make one FEEL like a superhero.

Shouldn't Ultimate Destruction make you feel like more of a villain?

Tomito3637d ago

I've not played Batman AA or any of the others yet, however I have played Infamous and I did feel like a god-dayum hero playing it. Good article!

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The story is too old to be commented.