Final Fantasy Legends Artwork Revealed

The following image, which features the official Square-Enix artwork for the upcoming Final Fantasy legends, has been taken from the website Famitsu and posted on Credit to Tenbatsu for discovering the image.

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GeoramA3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Another lame handheld game.

God I hate Square this generation.

XxBarretxX3987d ago

there handheld games have been pretty good actually.

Spenok3987d ago

There handheld games have been fantastic.

TheFaggot_3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

STFU their handheld games are amazing

evercast3987d ago

Most of the handheld games are better than the console ones anyway.

Alos883987d ago

I haven't heard of this one. Please tell me it isn't another rerelease of one of the older titles or something.

Kurisu3987d ago

This is totally new, it's just in the old 2D Dot style format.

SuperStrokey11233987d ago

I fear this is another fighting game...

Kurisu3987d ago

Have you not seen the screenshots? Looks like a proper old traditional RPG, not a fighting game. Not that it will matter either way as I doubt we will get to play it at all haha.

SuperStrokey11233987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

No I hadnt I was totally just making an assumption and i was obvious very wrong. Thanks for pointing that out. Could you find a good link for them please?

Bubbles for you correcting me too BTW

Capt-FuzzyPants3987d ago

Can someone tell me what this is ,because ive never heard of it and I've kept up on everything Square recently.