Do You Agree With the Kinect Pricing? writes: "Earlier today, Microsoft formally announced the pricing for the upcoming Kinect peripheral and much to the chagrin of all parties involved – it hasn’t been well received thus far. The main complaint that seems to be going around is the fact that, well – it costs $150; which is quite the premium to ride the casual gaming/motion control train. It would appear that the pricing structure is a bit flawed, especially when the new Xbox 360 Arcade that is set to come out on August 3rd will be priced at $199."

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Johnny_Bravo3647d ago

Before no, but since it comes with a game (even if its a stupid one) $150 isn't bad for including a $50 game. Kinect is basically $100 but your forced to pay $150 because it includes a game, if you planned on buying Kinect your obviously going to buy games for it, so why not price it at $99 and let us choose the $50 game we want to buy.

Genesis53647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Compared to the actual game console price it does seem a bit high.

Johnny_Bravo3647d ago

If you take away the $50 game, Kinect is set at $100. If you buy the Playstation Move to play with more than one person, your looking at over $200, and a PS3 is only $299.

DarkTower8053647d ago

$50 game!!! Where does MS get off pricing shovelware this expensive? Move games are $39.99, Wii games are generally the same or less. Ripoff over and over.

Army_of_Darkness3647d ago

I may agree.. Hell, I could disagree... But since I'm not buying Kinect, It doesn't matter what the price is at all to me;)

As for the Move... I'm a little concerned with the pricing just to get 2 players involved since I do plan on buying it....

Bigpappy3647d ago

because the tech was too expensive. So M$ brings it to market at a price close to what they are offering as their motion control. I would say it is expensive, but not too expensive. I alread pre-ordered at 150 bucks and I plan to also get a bundle for my kids Holidays. It is a hot item.

Lightsaber3647d ago

I think its to high and I dont think it will sell all that well passed the holidays at the price. I think within 6 months they will be force to sell it for 100 dollars. Even if its 100 dollars without a game I think it will sell well for that price but not at 150

PS3istheshit3647d ago

Im gonna be even more pissed at the price of re-buying the console after it breaks... OH MY GAWD HOW WILL I PAY FOR THIS?!?
oops i forgot, i own a ps3 :D

sikbeta3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

People defending the price of this add-on can't be serious, come on! it cost HALF the price of the console and for what it does, you can't justify the price, I mean, we only see like 4 games that look like mini-games more than anything and don't work properly, IF this device can't work well with mini-games, there is no hope for bigger/hardcore/non-casual games, it's flawed, it has loads of "restrictions" for not saying problems, it's doing bad what wii does better and shovelware is plaguing its library... gambling with the casuals is a really bad choice coming from MS...

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JsonHenry3647d ago

The price seems pretty damn steep compared to the cost of the console..

bruddahmanmatt3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Paying $150 for crap is no different than paying $15 or $1500 for the same thing. Crap is crap. The only way Kinect finds it's way onto my TV stand is if MS decides to give that ish away for free.

As far as the pricing of the device, how the $150 price point is a surprise to anyone is beyond me. It's designed to compete with Move and the Wii which are both priced around $130-$200 depending on what kind of and how many devices you buy.

oohWii3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

You would be stupid to buy Kinect, wouldn't you need to buy a 360 first being that you don't own one. Which makes your ignorant comment pointless as with most of the PS3 fanboys trolling this thread.

Do you guys ever get bored with this sh!t?

150 for Kinect with a game is really not that bad. Now 599 for a console, now that's over priced. The funny thing about you guys is that you have no problem with Move's price, most normal people like to play games with friends especially if they have a social life where as they invite friends over. And if you consider this, you need to buy two setups for Move.

And every single one of you will buy two setups whether you lie about it on N4G or not.

jukins3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

actually you can get the move bundle for $100 and an additional move controller for $50 thats all you need to start. i dont even think any launch games will need a sub controller, but regardless of that you can play move with two ppl for $150.

@bruddah unfortunately microsoft is targeting the uninformed soccer mom with displays at places like macys. [email protected]?!?!? it does have the coolness factor and thats sometimes all it takes for little johnny to get mommy to buy it.

Chaostar3647d ago

Can't speak for the US but here in the UK the move starter bundle is £50 and an extra move controller is £35

£85 for two players (assuming its just for party games that use the wand)

according to XE thats $129

ShadowCK3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Here Playstation fanboys are complaining about Kinect's price but not Playstation Move.

That my fellow fanboys is hypocrisy.

na2ru13647d ago

Maybe that's why they aren't complaining lol.

HDgamer3647d ago

Or you're blind about the pricing lol.

adram3647d ago

the kinect games acctualy cost 60$
and move games cost 40$

so if we buy 3 games for each one they would be equal (including an extra move controller and 2 sub-controllers) one more game and move is cheaper, multiplayer or not

Qui-Gon Jim3647d ago

Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and I think Dance Central are going to be $50 according to Major Nelson. I don't think they have officially said what the rest will be, but it's safe to assume $60 since he specified only those games.

First party Sony games for Move will be $40, but other publishers can probably set their own prices, though they will probably be in line with what Sony does.

na2ru13647d ago

Seems to warrant the $150 price tag, but only for the 360 fans. Even Aquanox never wanted to believe that price a while ago.

It's a ripoff for what it does.

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Blaze9293647d ago

agree with it? I don't even agree with its creation

mcgrawgamer3647d ago

of course you don't, can't say I blame you though. skittles scarred me for life....

deadreckoning6663647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I agree with it..but I'm not buying it. For the world's first entirely gesture controlled gaming device, 150 bux is actually a good deal. But for me, its not worth it since I haven't seen any game thats worth the asking price.

In the end, what N4G thinks doesn't matter. We know the masses will be happy to drop 150 bones on this.

HolyOrangeCows3647d ago

"We know the masses will be happy to drop 150 bones on this"
LOL, we'll see.

Besides, this is aimed at the type of people who DON'T HAVE an Xbox yet.
And I have a hard time seeing people paying $300 (Plus the $100 later when they realize how restricted they are without a hard-drive) for this. Especially with the Wii around.

na2ru13647d ago

Kinect isn't integrated with 360 nor is it a console of any kind.

Critical_Hit3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Well I wouldn't go that far. I already own a 360 so I can't view this from the consumer's point of view who doesn't, nor do I care to try. But for me, $150 is just too much to spend on this device from the games that I've seen so far. I'd rather spend the money on "traditional" games you control with a controller and not playing charades with my TV.

Cajun Chicken3647d ago

No. To make up for it, the games should be a lot cheaper due to lower development costs and that is IF there is any actual intention for REAL GAMES to come out of Kinect.

Faztkiller3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

To me Kinect needed to be around $75 with a game and some good games using Kinect

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