Cold 20004814d ago

"The Xbox 360 4GB plus the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures will be available as a bundle for £249.99/€299.99 when Kinect launches in the UK this November."

Pretty reasonable price for casuals IMO.

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zootang4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

I now have nothing to say, maybe to dear but who knows? Microsoft don't tend to price their items cheaply.

Zir04814d ago

I agree the bundle sounds very good, alone not so much.

But at least the games are only £40 rather than £50.

gallospqra4814d ago

..for what? the same price everyone talked about in the last year? (if not more, I don't know the change for US dollars)

so much disappointment

Active Reload4814d ago

Seriously MS, you should bring the price down on the 4gig to $150 ESPECIALLY since you don't have plans to sale the 250gig hdd separately that comes with the more expensive one. I would of bought 1 or 2 of the 4gigs at a $150 price point.

Montrealien4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

the 4gb kinect bundle for 299$ is the more interesting news imho, if well advertised, that bundle should sell well. The rest is already old news, or feels like it anyways.

This holiday will be hot hot hot for every console imho, good time to be a gamer. Then again, a big chunk of the N4G crowd will dissagree with this, suprised?

One thing we can learn from N4G with this news, is that Wizziokid and the maybe hundred or so that will agree with him do not want it.

HolyOrangeCows4814d ago

"Pretty reasonable price for casuals IMO"
LOL, yeah right. $300USD/£249.99/€299.99 is not a freaking reasonable price for casuals. Not when the Wii is a mere $200.

"Bu but it's just a place holder! Microsoft will sell it in vending machines it will be so cheap! It will be the next big thing!"

Reibooi4814d ago

Well they failed to get the impulse buy price point which basially means no one is gonan buy it.

You can best an extra 50 and get a wii so why bother. The Wii already has proven games like Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Oboromuramasa, No More Hero's and many more so why buy a gimpy add on for 360 that has yet to prove it will be worth the price with all it's shovel ware junk?

darthv724814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

"The 4GB is internal flash memory, and the console has a black matte finish. Otherwise it's exactly the same as the "whisper quiet" Xbox 360 250GB, and includes built in Wi-Fi, the smaller design, and a hard drive bay."

That is actually quite surprising that the new "arcade" model would have wifi. 4gb of flash internal for saves is also not to bad. I use a 4gb usb drive for my profiles and have several xbla games saved to it as well as my gears, halo and mass effect extras and saves.

I like to take my flash drive between 360's in my house.

edit: seeing as it has the hdd bay leads to the conclusion that MS will sell at least some size hdd for this unit. It may not be the 250gb as they have stated but they could release something smaller like an 80 or 120. They could also release something bigger that the glossy units could use as well. 320...500...?

sikbeta4814d ago

Holy Crap! It was True after all, there was no "testing the watter" like some x-dudes were saying for like months, this is almost naive from MS side, they really believe people will buy and expensive motion control add-on for just 2 players (it seems) and a new console to play games the same people can have on the wii for $200... wow!

beardpapa4814d ago

AT that price point, it will ensure they sell more consoles than they do stand-alone kinect cameras, hence boosting their overall boasting capabilities even further. Seriously, the bundle sounds more appealing than the camera by itself.

Anon19744814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

This article only comments on UK and Euro pricing. 150 Euros at current exchange rates work out to $193 dollars US, so it'll probably be rounded up to $200. And the Arcade/Kinect bundle at 299 Euros works out to $390 US which would then most likely be rounded up to $400.

So is Kinect going to cost $200 US, or are Americans going to receive a break compared to Europe?

Edit: Wait. I just read the articles about the US pricing. So it is $150, as feared. That's almost the cost of a Wii itself. How Microsoft plans on winning the hearts and minds of casuals with a $150 camera is beyond me. At least it isn't as expensive in the US as it is in Europe. I can't see how anyone in Europe would touch Kinect with those steep prices.

RedDead4814d ago

So how much is Move and a game together? Is Natal 2 player on 1 camera?

Legosz4814d ago

Better spend that $140 on a video card that has even higher graphical capabilities then the xbox 360 all together.

gaffyh4814d ago

I really don't see it doing well at this price. I'd guess it get's a price cut after 2 months to $99 so that they can rip that extra $50 off those early adopters. I wasn't going to get it at all anyway, but MS seems to be living up to their ripoff name regarding peripherals.

Spydiggity4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

I don't know how much each piece costs. but for move to work completely, at the minimum you need the camera, the wii mote, and the nunchuck, and then a game. i think some games even require you to have 2 wii motes. so look up the price of all that and you've got your answer.

as for kinect, my understanding is that atm 2 ppl is the max, but they may be able to do updates down the road that get it up to 4. i wouldn't count on that though... not sure i'd want 4 ppl bouncin around in front of my TV...would make me really nervous. not that i'll be buying kinect anyway - or move for that matter. motion controls are for casuals...the hardcore don't want to increase their movements to convert thought to action, we want to reduce the necessary movements to increase response time.

@legosz: Never get tired of hearing these idiotic troll statements.

@gaffyh: did you make the same accusations of sony when the early adopters were naive enough to pay 599.99 for their ps3? doubt it.

RedDead4814d ago

So how much is two full MOVE controllers, the camera and a game?
I assume it's over $100.

I don't know why people are moaning about this. I would pick MOVE because it's basically a Wii with no lag on the tech of a Ps3. It makes the Wii obsolete imo.

However the prices are around the same overall. PS Move just comes in differant pieces.

Hideo_Kojima4814d ago

But like MS said 6 months ago the Price on Kinect will gradually drop just like console prices drop.

This isn't an addon that will stay this expensive like an extra 360 harddrive whos price stays the same.

TotalPS3Fanboy4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

I am sold on the Move.

gaffyh4813d ago

@Spydiggity - Just like a fanboy to bring up things completely unrelated to the topic to defend his beloved console. lol. But I'll answer you anyway.

1. There is a difference between value and price, at the $599.99 PS3 represented a hell of a lot of value, especially considering it cost Sony $800+ to produce each unit at that time. This is the same with EVERY SINGLE piece of new tech. At the time you were getting a console with a Blu-ray drive, backwards compatibility, 60GB HDD, WiFi, memory card reader etc. All of which were not available for the Xbox 360, which is why it was a lot cheaper at launch. Common sense?.

You can be a fanboy all you want (and I'm sure you will :D), but you cannot deny that those who bought the PS3 at launch actually got the best version of the console.

2. Kinect is meant for the casual audience, specifically trying to steal the Wii's audience. At the $150 price tag, it is just too expensive for a Wii owner to even consider buying. Because at the end of the day, it's a camera. It doesn't matter what tech is in it, the layman will just see a camera.

3. I don't remember anyone saying that the PS3 would sell well to the casuals at $599.99. It is a well known fact that these buyers only take notice of a console when it hits $199. Which is why the Wii has done so well.

The full PSMove set actually costs more than Kinect, however, you do not require anything other than the PS Move controller and Camera for most games. If you already have the camera/buy it now (incredibly cheap at some places), you will only buy the single controller. Sony are using MS' own tactic to get sales here. They will advertise the Move as "available from $49.99" like MS has always done with their console, advertising the Arcade at the very low price. That's why the Move is in a better position.

Although it depends on how well MS market this, I think they will market it very well, they always put their weight behind their products.

adamx4813d ago

it could be free and they would still go buy a wii.

insomnium4813d ago

This is ingenious of MS. They have the bundle at 300€ so all the people who has their console broken out of warranty now can buy that instead of the older model+Kinect as a standalone since that would cost a LOT more.

They get a new sale with an old costomer and additionally they get off the hook of the 3 year warranty with the new model. Ingenious like I said.

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qface644814d ago

oh looks like EVERYONE was right about the price

oh someone post that text picture that says NO THANK YOU

raWfodog4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

...if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: I was doing a straight conversion but after clicking on supporting articles I see the $150 price tag

Qui-Gon Jim4814d ago

But, unless i'm mistaken, Europe usually gets stuff at higher prices. I think they usually pay in Euros what America pays in dollars, i.e. if it is 150 Euros in Europe, it will most likely be $150 in the States.

Qui-Gon Jim4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

double post

tawak4814d ago

149 just add 50 more and youll get a whole new xbox 360 console
i dont need another xbox 360 unit in my room