ModNation Monday: New DLC and Features Inbound

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

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Quagmire3643d ago

good to know the patch is getting worked on. its the only thing stopping me from buying, until the patch is released. damn, i hope obsidian is working in their game to fix up alpha protocol

talltony3643d ago

Please fix the 250000 create xp trophy! I heard it was really supposed to be 2500 xp.

xYLeinen3643d ago

yepp. The editor on the US Playstation Blog confirmed that the trophy was messed up and it should be like you said, 2500 XP..

TotalPS3Fanboy3643d ago

at Al Bundy creation. F*ckin crazy detailed.


Amazing fun game, is worth it =).

xYLeinen3643d ago

And they better minimize the amount XP needed to achive rank 30. I'm 22 now and you need ridiculous much + you better get like first or second to even get an fair amount of XP.

MGRogue20173643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

The online racing experience is so boring on this game.. you know. The driving feels so unpolished & glitchy as hell

Only the customization is fun.. =/


No, the game is more fun Online. Playing with 11 Friends is just a lot of fun.

Johnny_Bravo3643d ago

I think your just mad enkeixpress because the AI kicked your ass, then the players online kicked your ass even more :)

Spenok3642d ago

Either you havent actually played this game online, or your connection is terrible. I have been playing this game since 4 days before its actual release date (thank you Bestbuy) and i havent experienced one single issue online. Be it with lag or glitches.

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