Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 27

Welcome back to the Digital Foundry/Eurogamer cross-format Thunderdome. Two games enter, one game leaves. Usually.

Yes, once again it's time to put the latest multi-platform console titles under the microscope with full Digital Foundry commentary, performance analysis, high quality comparison videos, screenshots and a whole bunch of bonus facts 'n' figures: the full monty, the whole nine yards, the full shooting match, nothing added, nothing taken away.

Just the five games this time, but we manage to tick off all the major releases of recent times, while including coverage of an all-time arcade classic updated for the HD generation.

* Singularity
* Transformers: War on Cybertron
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011
* LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 to 4
* After Burner Climax

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General Pinky5106d ago

there is to much of this guyz...come on...we need news...not this

Quagmire5106d ago

I use to thing this was News 4 Gamers

more like Flamebait 4 Gamers now. Game journalism has gone down the shitter.

HolyOrangeCows5106d ago

Too bad there aren't any exceptional games on this list. Just a bunch of average games.

Stinkin' Unreal Engine holding games back.


hy, because the PS3 loses more so than not between these type of comparisons?

TEFL0N_D0N_815106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

yeah, ironically you're one of the flame baiters. I've read your past posts and you're a two-faced schmuck.... Giggity.

Lord_Doggington5106d ago

Singularity: Once again, typical Unreal Engine 3: a small, but noticeable advantage for the Xbox 360 in comparison to the PS3. Both games target 30FPS and will drop v-sync when the scene is challenging, resulting in varying levels of screen-tear according to load. Tests indicate that similar to most UE3 titles, 360 commands a small but significant advantage.

In terms of how this affects the overall gameplay experience and the purchasing decision, the reality is that aside from a bit more tearing on PS3 and the odd extra "jaggy", the two versions of the game are very, very close indeed, and equally recommended.

Transformers: Transformers: War for Cybertron is still a cool game regardless of platform, but the perceived jump in quality simply through implementation of v-sync has a startlingly positive effect on the game, so for that reason, if you have the choice of platforms, the Xbox 360 release is the one to get.

Tiger Woods: So, in the here and now, 360 has a wafer-thin graphical advantage that will go unnoticed by the vast majority but as a personal preference I found accuracy to be higher using the Microsoft pad over the Dual Shock 3. But up against 1:1 Move support, chances are that the PS3 version with its upcoming free upgrade will prove to be the better golfing experience.

Harry Potter: Impacting this somewhat is how dropped frames are handled. Despite it being the main issue with engine for years now, LEGO Harry Potter still tears badly in places and as the performance analysis demonstrates clearly, the PS3 game tears more often and drops more frames, despite the 360 version running with the additional computational load of the 2x MSAA.

After Burner: On the face of it then, the games are entirely identical in execution with the anti-aliasing advantage enjoyed by the Xbox 360 version not something that is massively apparent in-game.

Lord_Doggington5106d ago

Ouch, the 360 won all of them...

DelbertGrady5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

These are in-detail comparisons that go deep to describe the differences in an objective way. Digital Foundry and in some cases Lens of truth deliver it in a professional manner.

If anything should be removed it's those flamebait screenshot comparisons from cynamite.de and videogameszone.de.

Most of you are probably just butthurt because multiplats generally perform better on the 360. I haven't looked at this particular article yet but I have a feeling about what the outcome will be.

commodore645106d ago

Nothing new to see here.
Move along.

Fanb0y5106d ago

Digital Foundry articles are some of the few that should be on N4G. Their analysis(plural?)are actually backed up with some facts.

In addition, they are quite knowledgeable on the tech behind the consoles, so they're more reputable than any other site out there.

ShadowCK5106d ago

Ahhh Console Wars.

Where PS3 Fanboys can express their hate for the Xbox 360.

N4BmpS5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

aren't you kind of draw a one sided line? It Should be 'Console wars, where PS3/360 fanboys can express their hate for inanimate objects and companies that can buy and sell them.' Juat saying I know people say G4G (Gossip 4 Gamers) is PS3 fanboy dominated but still.

edhe5106d ago

Nah he's right, it's mostly ps3 fans moaning, at least that's what's seen here.

The only '360 fans' here are just rational people modded down thanks to the rest and the 360fanbois are obvious trolling accounts.

There's a deep insecurity from the ps3 fans that they bought the wrong console. That plus there are all the kiddies that got it bought for them that will, of course, defend it to the death because it's what they have.

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IRetrouk5106d ago

load of crap, how bout some gaming news

BeaArthur5106d ago

Flame war episode 456,780,098.

kancerkid5106d ago

It is not a flame war. Digital Foundry looks at the technical side of gaming.

Nice job reading the article

CryofSilence5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

Sure, DigitalFoundry is very reliable. But the way Eurogamer has compiled things is implicitly flamebait. (Notice all of the UE3 games? Safe bet they're going to be a bit superior on Xbox. Why not add some variety?)

BeaArthur5106d ago

I don't read flame articles, they just perpetuate the problem. I'd rather be part of the solution.

kancerkid5106d ago

How have they compiled it, or how could they compile it better?

CryofSilence5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

I gave one example in my parenthetical note. I don't care if they all conclude either way; my complaint is that they have a very narrow spectrum of examination that seems to, by default, lean to Xbox 360.

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theonlylolking5106d ago

The only thing we should be comparing is Whcih one do you get more for the money?