Yi-Long4821d ago

... one of the very best games released on XBLA.

Hopefully, the tracks won't be as brutally hard as the hardest ones in the original release.

Would also be nice to get a TrialsHD2, with new backgrounds and stuff...


Looking back to 2009 and the flippin’ marvellous Trials HD

Darren writes: "10 years ago? Surely not. We’re talking about the year when President Obama was first inaugurated and Michael Jackson passed away. Feel old yet? It’s particularly scary as that was the year I started University, and my housemate introduced me to a cracking little game by the name Trials HD. We ploughed hours into chasing personal bests, climbing online leaderboards and had a great laugh in the process. That is the beauty of this game, as the addictive and entertaining gameplay is perfectly balanced by its slapstick charm."

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Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details: 11th-17th September 2018

Neil writes: "Summer is over and the nights will soon be drawing in. What better time than now to grab a few bargain games from the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale and get your stashed saved up for those rainy winter days. Well, there is no better time and right now we see the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale hit home once more, delivering all manner of Xbox One and Xbox 360 bargains our way. But what is on that list? Well, how does the following sound?"

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jznrpg1846d ago

The Xbox version was crappy with all the bugs but the PC version was a good game,


The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale for 2018 kicks off

Neil writes: "There is nothing better than being able to get your hands on a bargain or two and with the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale providing little in the way of exciting discounts this week, it's good to see the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale arrive once more. 

Delivering discounted Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles from now until the 30th July 2018, if you are looking for a new game or two, but don't want to spend too much of your hard earned cash in doing so, then this is the way to go. It's full of brilliant games at low prices."

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lxeasy1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Love these sales, they seem to be happening more often as of lately. Picking up hell blade.

JeffGUNZ1900d ago

Anyone play Watchdogs 2? The first was decent, but heard some people say the second was significantly better...Anyone here verify that?

slate911900d ago

Never played the second one. But the reviews for it were very good and it was really well received.

Ra3v3r1900d ago

Yeah man the 2nd was much better. Didn't take itself quite as seriously as the original did and there are some pretty ingenious ways of completing missions.

Sircolby451900d ago

The 2nd one was much better. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I didn't even finish the 1st one. It is pretty fun to play coop as well. (You can't do the main missions coop, but there is still a lot to do outside of main missions.)

slate911900d ago

Wow there are a lot of good sales here

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Automatic791900d ago

Nice definitely picking up a few Games. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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