Bargains That Gamers Really Want

Gamers are all about bargains, since most of us can't afford to shell out $60 for every game. What we we really want comes to do getting our gaming money's worth. We demand $60 worth of content not $20, we want at least 20 hours of game play, an end to console exclusives, quicker price drops, among a few other things. What about yearly sequels and same day DLC? Goozernation wants to know what other bargains fellow gamers demand.

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Darkstorn3378d ago

Instead of analyzing potential gameplay per dollar spent, let's just agree that price drops are the way to go.

jdktech20103378d ago

Be careful, they might drop the price of COD to 40 and trhen charge you 10 dollars a month to play....I would rather leave them where they are at then go down that route

NothingToGainButLove3378d ago

Honestly if they start charging monthly subscriptions then I will not be playing COD anymore. I'd suspect the fan base would drop quite a bit too.

kube003378d ago

I'd go for that, I'm sure some of us would like to see more then 6 hrs worth of gameplay out of a $60 game

Spenok3378d ago

Agreed. Though most of those games have an online mode that lengthens the gameplay spent on the game significantly.

dizzleK3378d ago

release single player games at $30-$40, charge separately for online modes. i don't use them so why should i pay for them? why should i pay a full $60 for something like cod when 75% of it is an online mode i don't use?

jaosobno3378d ago

Well said, this is a very interesting proposal.

kanetheking3378d ago

just leave it as it is noting is wrong so u don't need to fix it.

kube003378d ago

Interesting point I had never thought of that, make it multiplayer DLC of something

jdktech20103378d ago

Well as far as bargains to me....60 dollar games are fine but if you can get the dollar per hour ratio of the game to about 2 or lower...that's a good deal to me.

For example, if I get 30 hours out of Reach (and I me), then that's a great game first off and a good deal. That's how I kinda look at things....Do I think I'll really play this for 20-30 hours? If so, then I'm open to buying it

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The story is too old to be commented.