Xbox 360 shortages reported in UK

Electronic Theatre has investigated the likelihood of finding a new Xbox 360 at a number of retailers across the country and discovered that many locations are sold out.

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dizzleK3013d ago

i'm glad the shortages are due to genuine demand and not a phony baloney manufactured one.

FlipMode3013d ago

So will people beleive these shortages or call them lies also, lets see.

hoops3013d ago

Fanboys will call them lies....this is N4G.COM of course! LOL

jerethdagryphon3013d ago

if you poll those shops who do trade ins youll find a glut of 360 models were traded in

very few of these will be new sales

LordMarius3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

well I was told to believe by the 360 camp that Sony had no shortages, so in other words MS doesnt either

LoydX-mas3013d ago

They are call "brick and mortar" stores.

Remember when people had to leave their house to buy things?

HolyOrangeCows3013d ago

Watch as all of the people who called the PS3 shortages fake instantly believe this.

Aquanox3012d ago

So far we have lies, trades-in, a link to an ONLINE retailer...

How about genuine shortages due to high demmand? Face it boys, the Xbox 360 is back on the game... the gap will not stretch anymore this generation.

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Natsu X FairyTail3013d ago

lmao bubbles+ at all u for the laugh.

Seijoru3013d ago

Oh so now shortages are legal? Ok I guess Sony must have faked their slim shortages even though my friends were having trouble finding them locally and Amazon was officially sold out and limited to selling 1 per customer when they were in stock. Quit being so biased, you ass.

Imperator3013d ago

Nah, remember when the PS3 slim launched? A LOT of retailers (like Amazon and Gamestop) limited purchase to just 1 console per buyer. There's was a lot of demand. Right now, I can find these new 360s anywhere and they're in plenty of stock on Amazon.

OutgoingSquall3013d ago

Shortages pfffttttt ask someone on the street what is a x-box there be like what? I have a ps2 (future ps3 owner).

solar3013d ago

you mean like every shortage by both factions on this site?

Strikepackage Bravo3013d ago

and I believe the Sony one was fake. Why? because M$ makes crappy operating systems, everyone knows this; and Sony lies to save face, everyone knows that.

Its a classic Sony tactic to lie about something like supply, MS does not market on such a deep psychological level, lying just to %uck with the customers head is a Japanese/Sony tactic all the way. Nintendo pulled the same crap for months when the wii launched.

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bioshock12213013d ago

I really am surprised that the new Slim is doing as well as it is since it technically wasn't a price drop all it was a redesign, a bigger harddrive and Wifi added. I wasn't expecting it to have the same effect as the PS3 Slim since that actually had a price drop. It's sold out in the many places in the U.S. as well.

0oAngeluso03013d ago

Larger HDD, 5 usb ports, Wireless N, Quieter, no Red Ring etc... A lot of people always wanted a 360 but there was such a stigma on the brand due to the early 360 models failures.
Microsoft did a huge poll and asked gamers what they would rather have in the 360 and Wireless won and garnered 69% of the vote.
Even above Blu Ray. I guess a lot of people just cant run a cable to their Xbox 360's. So the Wireless is helping I'm certain.

I am glad to see it's doing well in other countries as well. I have quite a few British Friends on XBL. Good people.

nickjkl3013d ago

its been like a month how do you know its doesnt rrod

we dont even know if the last ont rrod there wasnt a study on it

sGIBMBR3013d ago

I'm not sure that I'm going to upgrade, for me there's just not much point. I play XBL through a wired connection and I have 60gigs left from my 120GB elite.

I install my games so my elite is whisper quiet, the only beneficial thing for me would be the new sleek look, and the glossy finish would look nice next to my PS3 Fat.

Off Topic: does anyone know where some decent 360 Skins can be purchased?

Thing like "

jerethdagryphon3013d ago

its ooh shiny syndrome

remember first 360s were 20gig no hdmi and arcade

then pro then elite, lots of people i know upgraded to the elite trading in there colsoles

then slim they trade in the elite to get the slim

ive personally met 150 people in shops who were doing just that

3dawg3013d ago

i agree with pretty much everything you said except the last sentence. how the hell you met 150 people in that bought slims in 60 days? how many xbox360 s. your store received again? how many hours you work a week? because I'm sure they only ship a handful to each store. either you're lying or you just don't have a life jumping around every single store that sells xboxes trying just to do your little survey. the store i work at received 1 shipment since release and we had 8 pieces that's 4 boxes.

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Droid Control3013d ago

sad theres no blu-ray though

Spenok3013d ago

Lol, im pretty sure if Microsoft added Blu-ray to there machine, not only would it be a successor to 360, it would also cost more then the current 360.

Fishy Fingers3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Tesco's are the only ones who are out of stock, seemed the £190 price point managed to sell the custom from else where.

Understandable, much better deal than previously offered and better looking too.

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