First person shooters that could have been amazing

Msxbox-world takes a look at a number of games some on Xbox 360, other multiplatform , and determines what stopped them from achieving unanimous acclaim and how they could have been improved.

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nickjkl3015d ago

Modern warfare 2 had the potential to be amazing

shades723015d ago

It is, the sales figures speak volumes. There's something for everyone in that game, Good SP, Decent MP, Co-op and high production values overall for the most part. This is why millions still play the game every week, and why many are still buying the game if you look at weekly sales charts.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3014d ago

I think alot of ppl buy that game because 1. it has COD in the title and 2. they arent aware of other better shooters. The campaign IS pretty intense though.

Igniter3014d ago

Sale figures are misleading. Gaming has become a social experience and some of the top games like COD, Halo, And GTA sell many copies to people who just want to be where their friends are. There is a difference between being popular and being good!

mrcash3014d ago

Many people buy the games because they like it........
They know what to expect with cod and they are never dissappointed. You may not like it, and that, is fine but don't assume that because you don't, that other people don't enjoy it. What's funny about everyone hating on mw2 is that the first mw was praised like crazy and the sequel gets no love from the "hardcore" eventhough they added tons of new things. Halo,mw and killzone are all fps but they are all very different, it doesn's mean one is better than the other but just be glad there is soo many too choose from.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3014d ago

I can tell you're a COD fanboy lol.

First, I didnt say all ppl bought COD because of the name. I said alot of ppl do.

Second, I didnt say I didnt like the game. I said there are better fps's and there are.

Third, I'm not hating. I even complimented it's intense campaign.

please read thoroughly next time.

Perjoss3014d ago

Lady Gaga tracks sell really well, does this mean her music is top quality? sales mean nothing my friend.

ChronoJoe3014d ago

It doesn't have high production values. The whole game is using outdated tech, producing SD output... and poor visuals overall.

Karlnag33014d ago

Lady GaGa songs can be amazing if this guy touches them ;)

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Conloles3014d ago

Killzone 2 - wait who am I kidding?

young juice3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

that game is already amazing

UnSelf3014d ago

u said it Conloles

ur right, that game is on another level, i wish you spoke more truth more often buddy

MrAwesome3014d ago

Just because the server crashed the first time you were doing good dosen't mean the game sucks. Just learn to always do good. There a few other things that aren't very good in the game but its still GOTY for me (and yes I played Uncharted 2 and platinumed them both)

Inside_out3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Far Cry 2: What an amazing game, impossible to play on it's hardest This guys complaints are feeble at best, regurgitating the complaints of the uninitiated gamer. Far Cry is one of the best games ever made. Incredible graphics and sound. Those boring drives are anything but if you know what you are doing. It's an open world and it's up to the player to decide what group he wants to fight on behalf. The Jackal offers great insight into how his world works through different tapes you have to find. You can pick the time of day to plan an assault or stealth mission at one of the many Safeway house. CHOOSE your path with bus stations offering easy access to all corners of the map. Its incredible for those with the ability to stick to's a couple of vids...

Tech demo...

This game a map creation tool second to NONE...check it out, prepare to be blown away...this was all done with the map editor.

Metro 2033: what a great game. I have on idea what this guy is complaining about. This game blended many gameplay style perfectly, with stealth, survival horror, on rail sections and great defend and scavenging gameplay. Great graphics, story and sound make for a great game. Well worth a rental or budget buy. YES, it looks that good and plays the same. 2010 hidden treasure.

Halo ODST...6 million sold...New weapons and story, new Firefight mode, all multi-player maps plus 4 new ones. That is about as successful as it gets...

Perfect Dark Zero...was a launch title that was ported from the 360. Looked good for a launch title. I expect we will be hearing from that title again very soon..

Terminator Salvation is a movie tie in game. they are always made on a budget, this one was no different. It did have a great game engine. It's on sale for $9.99...great for easy

Igniter3014d ago

Far Cry 2 MP was a huge disappointment. The map editor was great but the game play sucked. Most of my friends traded the game in after 6 months. And all these guys were hardcore FC players/map makers on Instincts and Predator. These guys aren't just disappointed in the game they are pissed at Ubi for ruining the series.

The FC2 campaign was good though if your like me and don't mind just driving around an open world and screwing around as you go.

mrcash3014d ago

Actually im a gears fanboy..... There's "better" fps out there, thats all really an opinion, you say it like it's a fact. When infact it's just your opinion, just like imo Gears is the best tps. When it comes to fps, i prefer killzone2 imo it's the best fps out there but mw2 is amazing itself.

BattleAxe3014d ago

If you like TPS games, you should try Uncharted.

mrcash3014d ago

I have played and passed both uncharted games, The second one is really great,but I still prefer gears.

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Alos883014d ago

Singularity was good, but I think it was being sent out to die when you consider all the big budget FPS that came out this year, not even including the ones that have yet to be released but will surely overshadow it.

Nihilism3014d ago

Bioshock was amazing, it just should have ended after you killed andrew ryan, atlas/fontaine could either have escaped or you could have immediately had a fight with him. But they dragged it on for too long...

MrAwesome3014d ago

Had the greatest potential to me.

tdrules3014d ago

whats this Metro 2044 I've been hearing about?

and L4D1/2 is great on PC and yeah the sequel added a hell of a lot more, Mutations, improved engine abilities for modders.

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