Kotaku: Reconsidering Backbreaker

Kotaku writes: "This past week I had so much fun tinkering around with a game that I'm almost embarrassed to go back and read my original review. Because I was very hard on Backbreaker.

I was far from the only one. Praised for its exceptionally realistic animations and luxurious visuals, Backbreaker was ripped, deservedly, on the building blocks of a football video game. Playing defense may have been a real blast - an uncommon thing to say about football, or any sport, really. But the design priorities that made it so also made a critical position that more people want to play - quarterback - more difficult and less enjoyable."

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bomboclaat_gamer3068d ago

this is a prime example of why people shouldnt trust reviews

Smootherkuzz3067d ago

yes, it has some faults but with those to side this a great game.there is fixes on the way to deal with some of the issues and some are really funny like after a play and the runner is being dragged(crazy).I think the next version if there is going to be one will be slick.