With Kinect, Capcom May Change Fighting Games Forever

Ed Boon said it himself that fighting games are very complex.

So with that statment having a street fighter game on Kinect may actually bring the casual audience to a hardcore franchise and this will be the magic that makes Kinect a success, not for the short term but for longevity.

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Natsu X FairyTail3015d ago

by making the wackest fighting game ever with the clunkiest controls? HELL NAH

trounbyfire3015d ago

we have tried this before with cam fighting games and the suck. WHY YOU ASK ****limitations****

darthv723015d ago

if they did make a street fighter for kinect it could work out like the fight scene in the aliens in the atic movie.

NecrumSlavery3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I remember the xbox fighting game in the movie The Island. That was a little more precise though. Maybe that was the Kinect 2 on Xbox 720.. That was the future.

How come no one has mentioned this yet? After the movie everyone claimed this was the future of Xbox gaming. So I guess we know who invented Kinect. Not Kudo, it was Michael

- Ghost of Sparta -3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Have fun looking like a sad retard while you lose due to full second lag.

@ Necrum: Sony had this technology years ago and it sensed movement at double the frame rate.

Cevapi883015d ago

i just want somebody to explain how you will be able to pull off the ridiculous button combination's without a controller

NecrumSlavery3015d ago

@Ghost of Sparta

Interesting. I'm not making a statement to fuel any fire, I just remember the product placement in the flick. Good flick indeed. Sony does invent some great stuff.

Like the 3D cylinder that displays a hologram and the screen that looks like a small strip of film that can be rolled up around a pencil.

rockleex3015d ago

If Capcom had said they want to use Kinect for Street Fighter then we might have something worth talking about.

But this is just wishful thinking.

I could just as well write an article on how Street Fighter with PS Move may change fighting games forever!

sikbeta3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I want to know where the logic fell when you realize how crazy SF abilities/power attacks are, I mean, sure a Shinkuu Hadou-ken can be done easily but what if you want to do a Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku?

Pffft, I went too far without any reason, what if you want to do multiple kicks or combos, you gonna jump like a monkey trying to perform something you're not used to do and don't have any training or movements and you simply can't do, to put it simply:


lol these are even worst:

The closest you can get by trying to do those movements is more like this:

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blumatt3015d ago

It might (and I say might) be feasible with the Kinect 2 on the Xbox 720 (please don't call it that. lol). The current setup has too much lag and will not respond quick enough for something like this to work properly. I'd rather they wait until the tech is cheap enough to make it lag free and THEN make a Street Fighter game with it. The current Kinect device has been proven to have a noticeable lag.

BlackBusterCritic3015d ago

They can map fighting game controls with Kinect. Dont you see how it will work? To do a down-forward down-forward punch special, all you have to do is move your hand in those directions and punch forward! Kinect will definitely be able to differentiate between directional inputs! Imagine doing an uppercut into your ceiling fan! Imagine kicking or punching your friend in TWO PLAYER VS MODE!! You can actually injure the other player! Fighters will be revolutionized with Kinect!!!!

MariaHelFutura3015d ago

This is like the Gas/Brake pedals and the Invisible Gun Triggers. Kinect sets it`s self up to fail.

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Boody-Bandit3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Jump H Punch
Crouch M Punch
Crouch H Punch
EX Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
EX Shoryuken
EX Focus Cancel
Metsu Hadoken

Or this one:

Jump H Punch
Crouch L Punch
Crouch L Punch
Crouch M Punch
Crouch M Kick
H Hadoken
EX Focus Cancel
Metsu Shoryuken

When it can do those combos come back here and talk about what Kinect will do for fighting games. Until then go play jump rope with Skittles!

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redDevil873015d ago

Theres no way someone punching in real life with kinect could match the input of a button press. Real fighting fans will think this is a joke.

It might be fun with friends but that will be about it.

RememberThe3573015d ago

We would actually start fighting, and then it's no longer a video game. Hell, there was almost a fight over FIFA a few days ago.

Gun_Senshi3015d ago Show
Paradise3015d ago

You can't make a fighting game work with that much lag. js

DlocDaBudSmoka3015d ago

all say hi from beyond the grave.

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