ShockCast Episode 22 - What Do People Want From A Handheld?

DualShockers writes, "A couple of episodes back we spoke about why we thought the PSP wouldn’t survive passed 2011. Since then it seems as though there has been an influx in the number of PSP2 and 3Ds prediction articles. With that in mind this week we’ve decided to discuss what do people really want from a handheld? Is it all about cutting edge visuals and media capabilities A.K.A. the Sony way. Or is all about mass appeal and broader audience which is what Nintendo is all about. With the announcement of Hulu Plus and an early preview of the service being tried out by select PSN plus subscribers we decided to put all of the streaming services under the microscope to discuss some pros and cons and what we would like to see happen with that delivery platform. These topics and more on this week’s show. Make sure to give it a listen as we have another great episode in the books!"

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Hitman07693107d ago

I still think that two sticks is an important feature for any portable handheld but for some reason Nintendo and Sony haven't gotten around to it yet.

As for the streaming services, I totally stand by what I said in the podcast this week and think it's a great idea that the entertainment consoles of this gen need to tackle full force.

There is just something epic and hilarious about podcasting with the DualShockers crew that never gets old. Lots of laughs in this episode and we tell you like it is about anything that comes to mind.

Chadness3107d ago

I wouldn't say having two analog sticks is bad...but then again, I don't play shooters on the PSP, so I could care less.

raztad3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

PSP is not a handheld designed for over the shoulder TPS or even less for FPS. That is something I hoped devels had understood early in the PSP lifetime.

Killzon:Liberation with its isometric non controlable camera, or GoW were the best example, alongside 2d only titles of excellent game design for PSP.

I never understood why Resistance:Liberation opted for an over the shoulder + a lot of auto aim, instead of KZ:L camera.

In short I think Sony designed the PSP to enforce devels to think out of the box. It mildly worked.

Crazyglues3107d ago

This could take awhile...

Just because my expectations are too big... I want it to do a little bit of everything... I want it to play games, of course, watch movies also, but I also want to read PDF's on it, I want to have some apps, I need a camera, be able to shoot video...

Come to think of it I guess all those things I just said are what's in an iPhone.. go figure. -I guess that's why I never bought a hand held. What I really need is a really cool phone.. I just want it to do to many things..

Be my TV remote ( I bet there's an app for that)

I guess these smart phones have kinda spoiled some of us, unless of course you are just looking for a gaming machine.

If we could somehow take an iPhone and give it analog sticks with a d-pad and still make it look cool then that would be the perfect hand held...IMO


Taran3107d ago

I personally cant wait to see the day when my phone is also a 3D handheld game system.