Sonic the Hedgehog 2 XL: A plus-sized adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 XL is an incredible ROM hack that replaces the iconic gold rings with fattening onion rings. Collect a few and Sonic becomes fat. Collect too many, and Sonic dies of a heart attack.

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Brewski0073068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Bwahahaha this is brilliant!! My sonic became utterly useless at 38 rings !! :(
So funny!

UPSLynx3068d ago

It's nearly impossible to collect the chaos emeralds in this. To get 50 rings each act without having a heart attack is so difficult. Fortunately, I'm too busy laughing my head off to care.

Bandrik3068d ago

I've seen rom hacks before, but nothing nearly as creative as this in a long time. The only other one that's really piqued my interest is a Earthbound rom hack that changes the story into a fully-fledged mini-RPG. Still need to play that.