I Love (and Hate) First-Person Shooters

I love the immersive qualities of first-person shooters. I only wish they had less shooting.

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Turin3070d ago

I could not agree any more. I have been a big FPS fan since the original Doom but have felt that the FPS genre as been lacking something for a few years. I blame titles like Deus Ex and System Shock 2, they took the basic FPS mechanism and bolted a role-playing mechanic to them. Deus Ex also brought a decent stealth mechanic to the genre and didn't require you to shoot everything to complete levels. I expected these themes to continue and develop but FPS' on the whole continued with the basic FPS formula. I think the success of Portal was that it took an FPS engine, removed the shooting and added puzzle solving instead. It was like a blast of fresh air. If only FPS designers could start embracing new ideas and incorporate them into the genre I think it would result in a deeper and more rewarding experience. And as you said, it would result in less shooting.

nix3069d ago

i have never been a fan of FPS games but Killzone 2 was the only game i went and bought and even played online. otherwise it just doesn't appeal to me. will i buy Killzone 3? Hell ya! will i buy other FPS games? Hell no!

hennessey863069d ago

i mean i like killzone 2 but there are other great fps out there, half life 2, cod4, halo ce and 3, doom 3, redfaction 1 and 2 to name but a few. if you like killzone 2 then you will like other fps

RedDead3069d ago

Can anyone tell has Deus ex aged well? I have it here but never bothered to play it

ian723069d ago

The graphics of Deus Ex aren't great but not bad for an oldish game. The story and gameplay is great though. It's a game thats worth playing.

bearsfaan3069d ago

You pretty much said it all. New ideas in a FPS would be nice.

bbretterson3069d ago

I'm still fond of shooting, but I'd definitely like the see the first-person genre expand its boundaries.

FragGen3069d ago

If you don't like FPSs don't play them or lobby designers to use first person perspective in other game types. FWIW, the original article is the exact opposite of me... I think generally first person perspective is great for adrenaline rush type of games and highly immersive games, so I find long breaks and cinematics in the action tedious.

If the breaks propel and tell a good story that is AWESOME (see COD4:MW single player) but, I don't want long unskippable CGI sequences. It's like you were playing a close basketball game and someone called a timeout and gave a five minute powerpoint presentation.

tdogchristy903069d ago

It's too run and gun anymore....I wish it was more tacticle and more swat/breach and clear type play. Where each player has a role and you running in a military type format, not this every man for himself style shooting.

Urrakia343069d ago

That's how I feel. I wish there was a game where tactics and strategy actually matters. Having some soldiers give some suppressive fire while a couple snipe incoming enemies and some man artillary for extra support. A game that simulates REAL warzones would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.