IGN: Beat Hazard Review

Beat Hazard is a short and sweet ten-dollar investment that is given solid longevity as long as you like the tunes in your music library. There’s a two-player co-op and adversarial mode to go along with online leaderboards, all of which add some nice life to your purchase.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall -

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dizzleK3019d ago

$10? you pc guys are getting gypped, it's only like 400 points ($5) on 360.

callahan093019d ago

I bought it for $2.49 during the Steam Summer Sale, and even that was overpriced in my opinion. Frankly, I'd probably delete it from my hard drive after playing it for 10 minutes if it was a free download. Since I paid for it though I keep it installed, but have only launched it twice and played it for about 6 songs. The game just never seems to be very influenced by the music. Audiosurf does a much better job of making your music influence the game. This game just doesn't really feel all that immersive to me. Every level played relatively the same even though I listened to 6 completely different songs.