PS Blog: E3 Encounters: Mortal Kombat for PS3

Playstation Blog: Mortal Kombat and I go way back — I can’t imagine the 90s without it. I still play Mortal Kombat II regularly on the PS3, and know the button commands for every single Fatality by heart, even Shang Tsung’s secret third Fatality that requires holding down the Low Punch button for 30 seconds. Ahem.

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Focker-4203069d ago

This is a multi-platform game right??

karl3069d ago

my plasma is getting that red snow... hope it last till next year

if it breaks now ill have to buy a new one and i dont have enough for a 3dtv, yet!...

last longer!!!!!! damn it

NecrumSlavery3069d ago has some pretty great 3D tv sales and deals. I think I'll get one with tax money just in time for killzone 3. Although I want it for GT5

ActionBastard3069d ago

Those X-Ray segments are impressive as hell. Just flat out cool looking.

MyUS_ARMY_CPTRespect3069d ago

Im PS3 fan alright let i just looked like "MK for PS3" Hmm where's Xbox 360 still with MK?. When I heard PS3 and Xbox 360 hit with MK...
Hey all what do u think this "MK for PS3" where miss Xbox 360?

Mr Tretton3069d ago

Article is from a PS site, foo.

Spenok3069d ago

Old school Mortal Kombat goodness.

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