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"What is the happiest sound in the world? The roar of coins pouring into a metal tray when you hit a jackpot playing slots? The final school bell of the year, signaling the start of summer? The cheer of the crowd when your team wins a match?

Sure, all those things are great, but I think the happiest sound is one heard over 4 million times a day, all over the world: the notification beep that your Xbox makes when you earn an achievement. (Yes, it’s the same sound you hear when getting a friend request or a game invitation, but those things just make the sound even happier.)

Did you know that the “Achievement unlocked” toast and the happy sound that goes with it were a last minute addition before we released the Xbox 360?"

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ProA0073020d ago

Pretty cool. Microsoft made one hella addictive innovation this gen with achievements.

Imperator3020d ago

Can't argue with that. Achievements really do add to the replay value of games and offer challenges that would otherwise have been ignored. I really hope that our Achievement/Trophy scores carry on to the PS4/Xbox 3. That would be awesome.

Focker-4203020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I'm sure they'll migrate just like it does when you add your old account to a new system. At least thats what it does with PSN. I don't know if it works with Xbox.

Focker-4203020d ago

You do something and it gives you points.

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The story is too old to be commented.