Schafer: “I’ve Got to Remember to Keep my Mouth Shut”

Given yesterday’s outburst about Bobby Kotick in an interview with Eurogamer, and Activision’s response this morning, Double Fine boss Tim Schaffer’s talk at the Develop Conference was always going to be an interesting one. Perhaps inevitibly, in a Q&A session at the end, someone piped up to ask Schafer about his comments.

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Bereaver3114d ago

No, I think people in general, should speak up!

Yes, there will always be that 10% out there that don't deserve to speak out. But when you deserve it, and you're not a half brained ass hat like some of those from Turn 10, then speak up!

That's why we have a lot of terrible managers in the world because everyone are afraid to speak their mind.

Yi-Long3114d ago

Bobby and Activision are the cancer of the videogameindustry. Someone has to address that problem in the hope that it gets fixed, one way or another.