Gamers and Their Entitlement

From That Aussie Game Site: "Gamers today are a fickle bunch; we complain about nearly everything companies do to make money and sometimes we forget that a company exists for one reason, to make money. This leads to a sense of entitlement with some gamers that they disserve certain things from the gaming companies that are willing to invest their money into the industry.

Of course with gamers, as is their right to do, they voice their opinion like I am doing now. That doesn’t mean their opinion is right (or even logical), because they tend to have a view that they, as a gamer, are entitled to things for free."

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dizzleK3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

good points. all i'm entitled to is that the game i paid $60 for works. that's it and that's my only expectation. if you buy a book youre not entitled to part 2 or any short stories the author writes for free, same for movies. "well i should get the extra footage in the directors cut for free" it doesn't work that way.

gypsygib3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

The voting with are wallets part is true; it seems I'm always in the minority because companies still release 15$ 3 map map packs and charge for online. It kinda of sucks to vote by not paying only to always lose to the people that don't mind paying. Online transactions are funny, it's not supply and demand it's getting the maximum price for an infinite supply.