Anti Gaming girl loves Kinect - has Microsoft cracked it?

Msxbox-World interviews an anti gaming girl after she has played Kinect and it seems her opinion about gaming has changed. Does this mean Microsoft can succeed with Kinect?

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Wizziokid3017d ago

The casual market will eat this up, not the hardcore which is where Kinect will fail

brazilianbumpincher3017d ago

companies like microsoft and sony and nintendo are not stupid

RealityCheck3017d ago

It does sound like viral marketing, like Sony's failed attempt with "I want a PSP for xmas" except this time it's MS with "even non gaming people love Kinect"

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captain-obvious3017d ago


yah sure
why not

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HolyOrangeCows3017d ago

"The casual market will eat this up"

Not at $400+ (360+Kinect).

Oner3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

So by the same token if she likes Kinect it would be safe to infer that she would also like PS Eyetoy games from PS2 and even PS Eye games for the PS3. Because Kinect has not shown 1 game type/style that cannot be OR hasn't been done on either.

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Tompkins3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Which is a shame because I was hoping Kinect would be more than just a hook and line to draw in casuals. It's us hardcore gamers who spend more money after the initial purchase, so it makes sense to offer stuff for us as well.

Whilst the girl in the interview seems positive, how much is she likely to spend 6 months after she gets Kinect and the novelty has worn off?

RedSky3017d ago

The thing is, console manufacturers and distributors can expect the hardcore audience to keep on spending money regardless. They're the ones that already have a 360 (or PS3, or high-end PC) and will continue to buy new games for it, not the ones they're trying to hook in with this.

Not to mention casual markets are very much quantity not quality. The Wii has shown this well enough.

Dunno why you expected Kinect to offer anything for the hardcore audience anyway. There is no feasible way that any game requiring the remotest level of skill can be associated to controller-less input. Not with present day technology. Hell, it's still unclear whether the Move will come close to mouse let alone controller accuracy in games like SOCOM.

IdleLeeSiuLung3017d ago

The hardcore market doesn't want Kinect. If hardcore Kinect games came out, it would be the very same people b!tchin about how they don't care about Kinect since it is motion control....

iamnsuperman3017d ago

Agree to a point. We do not know exactly how much it will cost and casual gamers are less likely to buy something that is expensive.

halojunkie3017d ago

kinect = special ed, or sci3ntology

J-Smith3017d ago

hardcore gamer hates kinect

RageAgainstTheMShine3017d ago

Anyone can be an anti gaming girl...M$ are desperate PR pricks

ShadesMoolah3017d ago

Wait so you're saying Msxbox-World is a PR vessel for Microsoft? Get a grip, they have had nothing but negativity towards Kinect, in fact this is the first positive piece.

Anon19743017d ago

...will casual gamers be willing to shell out $300+ for a 360 with Kinect when a Wii, with Mario happily waving "Hi!" to them costs far, far less?

AAACE53017d ago

That's one thing that keeps getting overlooked by people who hate Kinect! It is trying to get people involved with gaming who previously were scared because traditional controllers looked too complicated. Once they get involved, they may move on to other stuff like Wii or Ps3!

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Nihilism3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I honestly don't think the casual market could care less about Kinect, Nintendo is a house hold gaming name, as a kid...what games do people want...they sure as F don't want a new I.P from the M.S hype machine, they want mario, zelda and all the old guard.

Natal should come FREE with a 360 to help them build their casual library, I sure as F wouldn't pay for it.


LOL, now that you mention it, I think M.S and Scientology do have a lot in common, they both promise life chaning tools and both are corrupt as can be.

Chris3993017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Probably with copious amounts of LSD and marijuana involved. They literally said something to the nature of: "Let's create our own religion!"

And presto! Scientology was born.

Just like the myth that Kinect is actually revolutionary or fun. By the same token Sony's device isn't anything more than a precise Wii controller. The only advantage that Sony has, is that they seem to be courting the "core" audience from the get-go with Shooters and 3rd person games (as well as support for existing titles - Heavy Rain, RE: 5).

But you're right, Nintendo has already dominated this family/ grandma/ casual trend. I don't see that changing overnight. No matter how many Justin Bieber endorsements the device gets. The price is also a barrier. Even if Kinect is ticketed at $100-$120, you still need to buy a 360 to play the thing. Yes, Move is expensive too, but it's marketed towards precision seeking core gamers, who in turn, might pass said technology onto or play certain party games with their families. I don't think that Sony has any expectations that they will conquer the casual market in a day (at least they shouldn't).

My wife is excited for EyePet and that ridiculous face-scanning sining stars game. We already have Just Dance and Wii Fit, and she's not interested in any other software of the sort. Make of that what you will, but SHE is part of the audience MS is trying to appeal to.

Nihilism3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I know it's sad when people can follow a religious INVENTED by a science fiction writer...and believe it is true...I am all for freedom of expression, but that mofo cult is ruining peoples lives and ruining them financially, it will be a great day when it is declared to be an unlawful gathering or dangerous cult by the governments of the world, some countries already have eg. France.

Parapraxis3017d ago

All religions are INVENTED by fiction writers.

FragMnTagM3017d ago

Then should not all religion have the same fate? I would definitely support that movement. Yet I do not for one second think the religious cults of the world will disappear in my lifetime.

Nihilism3017d ago

LOL I agree fully, I am an athiest myself.


All religions are dangerous, they take personal acountability away, the place blame on a higher power for peoples own actions. They are both dangerous and ignorant.

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BeAGamer3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

has microsoft cracked it?


NJShadow3017d ago

If she's an anti-gaming girl, then why does the fact that she likes Kinect a good thing? But I suppose if you are someone who really can't stand games, then you're probably simple enough to fall for Kinect. BTW, I would have LOVED if the interviewer had asked her... "Have you ever heard of the Eyetoy?" ^_^

jashmister3017d ago

"anti gaming girl payed to like kinect"

Nihilism3017d ago

...and parents syphon all the money ala Macauley Caulkin.

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