Konami to Make Seven Saw Games

We just got an anonymous scary phone call from someone who knows someone at Konami. According to this little birdie, the Jigsaw killer will visit us a total of 7 times on our consoles. This is will correspond with the amount of Saw films released in theaters. The scary voice has this to say:

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dizzleK5094d ago

i like saw but wrap up john's story already. start fresh with a new jigsaw.

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Anon19745094d ago

I couldn't do it. I watched the first one back in the day and practically spent the entire movie yelling "Look at the body on the floor! Oh you morons!"

The first was the only one I could get through and I hated it. The other ones, even the bits I saw were so poorly acted, so badly written I just couldn't do it. Later on the reviews of the other SAW's just got so bad I didn't even bother. I've always been a fan of horror movies, even bad horror movies (they're often great in their badness!) but SAW was just a whole new level of suck for me. Torture porn. It's not suspenseful and it's not scary in the slightest. It just makes me think the people who make them and like them probably enjoyed torturing animals as kids too. I just don't understand it.

Needless to say, I'm giving these games a pass.

Nightshade3865094d ago

I may have clicked "Approve" on this article, but it's only because it meets guidelines. I certainly do not approve of Konami making even one more Saw game.

(snark intended)

Darkstorn5094d ago (Edited 5094d ago )

Not into Saw, not into the Saw video games (and that's coming from a BIG horror fan). I don't think this is a good idea, Konami.

DA_SHREDDER5094d ago

Um okay, you mean to tell me there are gonna be seven saw games but I've yet to play ZOE3? See what I mean? Madness. This my friends, is the current state of the gaming industry. Hannah Montana in 3-D.

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Most Offensive Video Games That Would Never Cut It Today

Times are changing, and these games would have never been made in today's climate.

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thorstein98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Every single time someone uses this phrase whether it's music, movies, books, comics, video games, etc it's always the same claim.

The ubiquitous "they" won't allow it to be made. And every decade these claims are made the claimant completely ignores all the "offensive" material that is published when the claim is made.

In ten years, you can write a new article about how you can't make games like Helldivers 2, Resident Evil VIII, Mortal Kombat I, Dragon's Dogma 2, Alan Wake 2 etc etc etc any more.

MrBaskerville97d ago

Yeah, people wouldn't be constantly outraged if there weren't games that people found enraging. The whole SBI discourse shit wouldn't be a thing if all games were inoffensive. A game like Starfield can make a guy froth at his mouth, so there will always be room for a list like this.

0hMyGandhi97d ago

Normally, I'd be inclined to agree with you, but there are massive caveats.
TV shows like Venture Bros, Ren and Stimpy, and Aqua Team wouldn't/couldn't be made today. Hell, Ren and Stimpy was a *children's* show, same thing with Rocko's Modern Life.

It's not for some arbitrary reason, either. It's branding and IP alignment. Companies are far more risk-averse than they were when I was kid in the 90's. Of course, you have companies coming out of the woodwork to hell spur on similar content, but remember: Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and some incredibly provocative material.

And for movies? it's pretty obvious. American Pie/Wedding Crashers/Eurotrip among many other "raunch coms" have fallen out of style, and are absolutely outside what the modern day film industry is willing to stand by.
Ace Ventura 1 and 2, Dumb and Dumber, Freddy Got Fingered, Rat Race, Harold and Kumar, and Van Wilder follow suit.

Remember: I am not explicitly talking about films put onto streamers. I am talking wide-releases in actual theaters. Same thing goes for games: Carmageddon, Duke Nukem, Manhunt, Six Days In Fallujah (with their original concept), Hatred, and so on and so forth. Of course, I'd be inclined to mention most tactical shooters like Rainbow Six and Joint Ops as well, due to cultural sensitivity regarding *who* you are shooting and why.

And not all of it is bad (obviously). Tastes change, and perspectives change to fit the demographic.
I should add that I'm a lefty, living in L.A. Working in film.

thorstein97d ago

The Boys, Invincible, Jojo Rabbit, Deadpool, Gen V, Last of Us, Banshee... There are plenty of media being made today that people will claim "can't be made today".

Profchaos97d ago

Yeah but if you consider manhunt which was basically a snuff film could you seriously make that game with high than PS2 era graphics.

thorstein96d ago

The Outlast Trials just came out.

But the storyline of Manhunt was that you were executed. But then lived. And if you didn't do as you were told, you'd die. And the people you killed were not innocents.

It was all filmed by a psychopath.

As we speak GTA VI is being finished up for a release. You get to play a Bonnie and Clyde type of protagonist who run up against the law.

Bodycam looks so real.

People are making those games. Articles like this will always exist no matter how incorrect they are, no matter how many times they blame "them" for whatever it is "they" do to prevent "those" games from being made.