VideogameUK Hands-On: PlayStation Move (PS3)

From the hands-on:

"So all of those rich, talented and just downright geeky enough have come back from E3, smug in the fact that they will have had a shot of more or less everything that us mere mortals are itching to get our hands on over the next year or so. Well, worry not young reader (well, young at heart at least) as yours truly has managed to get himself a lengthy shot on the PlayStation answer to the Wii with their motion controller system, Move."

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DORMIN3204d ago

Wow all the written impressions of the Move have been more than positive and i've even heard them call it an evolution and step up from the Wiimote.

Can't wait to try this for myself!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

That's what I notice from Move. Most of the Articles are impressed and have positives arguments for Move.

BubblesDAVERAGE3204d ago

But i have not seen that many hands on with kinect

Seijoru3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

There are no hands with Kinect
*Cue creepy music and smoke machines*

Jay5203204d ago

As much as I agree with you, I have to ask you plaese don't mention kinect in a MOVE article. It only starts trouble.


thats beacause its not hands on

pandaboy993204d ago

I just preordered the whole bundle with a second controller set and starcraft 2. there goes 240 bucks on amazon! i hope its worth it!

DoucheVader3204d ago

This article provides no new info and the lack of photos really make me wonder if this guy has actually touched a PS Move.

Seriously read this article and point out to me ONE new piece of information that proves this person has any experience with the PS Move.

Cevapi883204d ago

its a hands on...most have the same experience as those that got to play with Move on a previous if they were able to sit with the people who developed the tech behind the Move, we would learn many new things that were told from previous interviews...that i think will happen at gamescom or at the TGS...this is when we will get some new and fresh info on the tech

3204d ago
tiamat53204d ago

It's always good to hear good things about Move. I have lost all doubt about buying it. It sounds like it's worth every dollar of my $50.00.

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