Guantanamo Bay prisoners can play on a PS3

Prisoners at Camp 4 in Guantanamo Bay with minimum security and live barbed wire fences can now play on some newly installed PS3's.

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masterofpwnage3022d ago

i guess prison isnt all that bad then haha

fishd3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

They shouldn't let them play MGS4,or they will learn some new 'tricks' and soon we'll hear another story about someone who escaped from the prison with a cardboard box :D

RedPawn3022d ago

They could just fake out the guards with a bottle of ketchup.

Blacktric3022d ago

Harold and Kumar would be so happy if they didn't escape.

RedDead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Would you take a co*kmeat sandwich to play the Ps3? Pretty sick but it just might be worth it


RedDead3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Delete(fk u)

Conloles3022d ago

Those poor prisoners having to put up with playing in 720P!

CernaML3022d ago

At least it ain't 576p. :V

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Rikitatsu3022d ago

Play some games, then get tortured the rest of the day.

Shang-Long3022d ago

AMERICA!!!!! FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!

Blacktric3022d ago

Comin' again to save the motherfu*kin' day YEAH!

Shang-Long3022d ago

sorry about all the caps. i got carried away lol

Winter47th3022d ago

So how many cardboard box tricks did they catch so far.

Barbapapa3022d ago

not if the're forced to play hannah montana.

justpassinggas3022d ago

I guess if you play video games while someone takes a monkey wrench to twist your testes makes the entire ordeal worthwhile.

Quagmire3022d ago

I would laugh my ass off if they were given a copy of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. The IRONY!

But in all seriousness, PS3 was the only viable option. What grown-ass convict would wanna waggle with wii, and the 360 wouldnt last a week.

Darkstorn3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Well the PS3 (singular probably) console itself is in a minimum security area of the Guantanamo complex.

I think the guys who are (supposedly) hardened terrorists don't get the luxury of playing PS3 games. Their main form of entertainment consists of electroshock to the testicles...

Obama, spite the neocons and just close the damn place. Both liberals and conservatives hate it when you try to appease both sides.

Donny3022d ago

it only does everything

RageAgainstTheMShine3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

prisoners get to play on PlayStation3?

That should be made into a mandatory law!

This is one of the best things humanity can be proud of.

LiquifiedArt3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I think its amusing how each of you thinks you "Know" what is or what isn't happening in the world. I find it hysterical.

---- start ramble

Not a single one of you have the means to find out the truth regarding a prisoners innocence. Nor do you have any of the documents. Even if your lied to every single day, you have no means to prove otherwise. The same can be said about there being "nice people, who were wrongfully thrown in prison".

I'm neither for nor against it, because I didn't PERSONALLY make a call to usher someone into prison. If I did I'd have to weigh out my own personnal moral obligations and beliefs in conjunctions with the facts.

I won't say, "Glad they are in prison, terrorist Scum!" because I don't know what caused them to be put in there or what decisions were made that yielded that result. I also won't say, "They should be freed, down with America!" cause the same applies.

I will say that the "Muslims" who follow their koran hand in hand, espeically the scriptures on war and killing the enemy, make themselves the EASIEST of targets for OTHER evil men, who have a desire to control global finance. They are the best scapegoat the world has ever seen. What makes it better, is that they are completley OK with being a scapegoat as long as they get to do the evil deeds they believe in.

---- end ramble

So my ramblings are summed up with the following:

Your all internet and media nooblets, who have neither the privy to undisclosed information, nor the desire to go and put yourself into a dangerous situation to seek out said information. (if you were even able to attain it). Same is said for just about anything regarding global politics or even domestic politics. Are you willing to risk your life and families well-being to reveal the possibility of treachery in global affairs?

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TheTeam063022d ago

Yo, that prison is tight, son! Naw mean!

(watched Scary Movie 2 not too long ago)

waltyftm3022d ago

It only does TERRORISTS !!!!

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