PlayStation Store Update for July 13, 2010

Grace Chen from the Playstation Blog writes: "Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update."

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SuperStrokey11233017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Pretty crappy update, besides landit bandit and deathspank that is

RankFTW3017d ago

No way! Deathspank looks awesome.

Esena3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I think that is why he used the key word "besides"

Tomdc3016d ago

yeah but the inclusion of deathspank alone prevents it from being a crappy update.

Blacktric3017d ago

Nothing worthy for me except Super Street Fighter avatars and MAG themes. Might buy them.

GodsHand3016d ago

I sugest you don't buy the Mag dynamic themes, they are pretty lame, for costing some money. But to each their own.

Xulap3017d ago

Woah, this week you're saving $17.49. I'm glad I bought the 15 months subscription pack.

Probably gonna get Gravity Crash. And, finally.. Free Dynamic Themes!

Esena3017d ago

You are saving IF you actually wanted that stuff to begin with...

Xulap3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

This is why I signed up to PS+ for. I'll get a ton of stuff for free that I wouldn't mind getting before because they were gonna cost something.

I'll be able to enjoy a lot of stuff I wouldn't have enjoyed otherwise.

Darkfiber3017d ago

You just proved why you're a sucker. You just admitted that the "free" stuff you are getting now, you wouldn't have paid for in the first place, only you ARE paying for it now, you're just too stupid to realize it.

Xulap3017d ago

I know I'm paying for it. But I'm paying A LOT LESS than I would've payed back then.

I'll be getting tons of stuff every week for 15 months and I only payed $50. I'm pretty sure I'll save hundreds of dollars. Heck, I've already saved like $100 in only 3 weeks.

All I know and care about right now is that I'm a happy PlayStation Plus subscriber. Nobody will make me change my joy or mind.

WorldOfSam3017d ago

Xulap and Esena are both right in a way. For people new to the PS3 arena and/or don't have any of the content offered, this is excellent value. As for others who already have some of the content or aren't interested in it won't.

morganfell3017d ago

A few of the things I would have picked up anyway. Glad I have my 15 months.

A few other things I wouldn't have but I am certainly glad they are free and I picked them up too. Just ignore the jealous people and keep on downloading...

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ThanatosDMC3017d ago

Gravity Crash is awesome. I just wish they had more maps/levels.

GodsHand3016d ago

Ummm, make some, there is a level editor.

wiggles3017d ago

I never bought wipeout...or some of the other games that are on discount with PS+ so this is perfect...

Not to mention AoZ is actually pretty fun; something I never would have checked out before.

MAiKU3016d ago

Holy shit people. Don't you guys go to costco? They don't offer shit for free there either yet you save loads of money.

It's the discounts and free stuff. Not just FREE. ok?

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Neo Nugget3017d ago

At least we got a couple more free PS+ stuff.

TheColbertinator3017d ago

Weak update.Really week.What a slow start for Plus owners :P

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