Play Interdiction with Zipper, Friday, July 16th

We had a ton of fun during our last Play MAG with Zipper event, so we’re doing it again on Friday, July 16th! This time we’ll be spending our entire session playing MAG’s new DLC, “Interdiction”, and we’d love to see you there.
•Pacific: 2pm – 4pm
•Mountain: 3pm – 5pm
•Central: 4pm – 6pm
•Eastern: 5pm – 7pm
•Hawaii: 12pm (noon) – 2pm
•Alaska: 1pm – 3pm
•GMT: 9pm – 11pm

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Pennywise3023d ago

Only way Zipper can get a queue going is to put paid employees in there. Pretty damn sad. I expect some cool free stuff(THAT ISNT ON DISC)for my wasted $10.00. You can't charge $10.00 for something no one plays except when the devs feel like playing.

I know it was choice to buy it... but it didn't even last a week before the queues dropped and everyone went back to suppression/sabotage/dem...

woolley3023d ago

Well hopefully if this goes well we'll be able to keep the numbers up for interdiction after this event. The main reason why the numbers dropped so fast was because the number of people in the queue wasn't being displayed correctly so less people went into the queue which made them even longer. But that bug has been corrected and all we need to do now is get people to join the mode again.

Pennywise3023d ago

Yeah, I guess three zeros for queue numbers should of seemed fishy. I wish they had a message of the day in game so people didn't have to be so dependent on the forums.

Having said that... i still love MAG and play daily.

woolley3021d ago

Well they do have the news section on the character selection screen in the game. They just need to update it more often.

DoucheVader3021d ago

The Player Queues should be eliminated and replaced with something more vague, they don't always represent the numbers from day 1. I have had full squads enter a queue and the number rarely goes up by 8. Usually only by 1.

An easy way to remedy players not participating in game types would be to boost the XP given when player counts are low.

People act like queuing up a 128 or 256 player game is as easy as Modern Warfare. MAG is not MW and that is a good thing.

BubblesDAVERAGE3021d ago

Are right but I hear there is a bug...but im not sure

ThanatosDMC3021d ago

The devs In the mag forum stated that the counter for interdiction is wrong and a lot of people play it. You can even check and theres a lot of players per week that we dont see in the counter.

Anyway, sabo maps are neutral now which was weird for me since i never changed pmcs. Also, played with a Zipper dev or tester last night. They have [ZIP] as their clan tag. If you kill one, make sure you teabag him. The one we fought was on Valor.

woolley3021d ago

The counter was wrong but it has been fixed already.

Jls13021d ago

I knew no one was going to buy the Interdiction Map,instead of creating a whole new mode they should of just added maps to the existing ones.

woolley3021d ago

Thats how I kinda feel. And they still plan on releasing another mode later this summer that has all 3 PMC's on one map. I just hope that one is free or a lot cheaper.

kidslim3021d ago

A new mode is a horrible idea. Why don't they just make new maps for the modes we already have.

Trroy3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The new mode is pretty fun, and the faction neutrality of the sabo maps will basically add maps to the "old" game as well. I'll finally be able to defend that dang fortified alaskan mine and that darn SVER hangar deathtrap, and show my sworn enemies hows its done in the jungles of central america!

I think the faction neutral changes are due out soon?

DoucheVader3021d ago

Plenty of people own Interdiction. I have had full squads play Interdiction. It's a great game play mode.

BubblesDAVERAGE3021d ago

the first week there were thousands of people playing it...

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kidslim3021d ago

Awesome news. I can't wait to play.

BabyTownFrolics3021d ago

if you own a ps3 and you like shooters but dont own MAG please buy this game.

there are over 30 million ps3 owners
out of all of you only 800,000+ purchased MAG
at any given time there are btw 4000 - 6000 people playing

we need more players

knightdarkbox3021d ago

i agree.. MAG fails to capture the feel of being in a epic battle.

I can't believe people actually thought the game would be good when it was first announced. I mean, it's called "Massive Action Game" The only thing stopping them from calling it Large Action Game was the acronym.

DoucheVader3021d ago

Are you and I playing the same game? What I like about MAG is it's ability to create a real battle, not just a room fight. If you are rolling with a squad that communicates and follows orders there is no possible way this game doesn't feel epic.

If you are rolling with a squad who has no mics and the leadership is MIA, then it's an exercise in futility.

MAG is almost always a challenge, unlike other shooters I play.

BabyTownFrolics is correct though, if you own a PS3 and don't have MAG you are missing out.

ThanatosDMC3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The counter is wrong according to the devs in mag forum. Check out it has a per week stats.

@ above: he's a troll. dont bother with him.

BabyTownFrolics3021d ago

this week their were 84679 individuals playing the game

divide that by 7 days you get 12097 players per day divided by x number of servers

I usually see anywhere between 4000 - 6000 people playing at any given time

If you look at the monthly number 126517, divide that by 30 days and your looking at 4217 per day which falls in line with what I see

I'm not putting down the game, this just reconfirms my desire to call out to the PS3 community to support this game

its a fucking great game

ThanatosDMC3020d ago

It is a great game, but it's bashed to death before MW2 and BC2 players try it. Shitty reviews doesnt help either compared to those journalist that actually played the game.

ChronoJoe3021d ago

Hopefully they offer the DLC, free as part of the PS+ service at some point, so as to boost the numbers online, with the DLC.

If people aren't buying it. Might as well give it away. It's what bungie do after they release a new pack, works well.

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