Uncharted, Truly Unmarked Territory?

Gary Francis of wrote

"So last weekend I’ve finally got my chance to sit down and play uncharted and uncharted 2. The question is did those two game of the year nominees deserve the respect given? Well I would definitely say that the uncharted series is one worthy of respect, but in my opinion I’m not too sure that the game of the year status can apply."

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brazilianbumpincher3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

why does every low traffic site feel the only way to get hits is to bash anything ps3 related? he even gives himself away by declaring the classic please give me attention line.....'now before im bashed by ps3 fans'

but yeh im going to take the words of a nobody over a game that has won the most awards for a video game EVER not to mention other AAA developers declaring how technologically advanced and great the game is that they now use uncharted as the yard stick to measure their games by....

ShinMaster3020d ago

There's truly no other game like it!

Shadow0173020d ago

He's entitled to his opinion even if it is completly wrong.

SeanRL3020d ago

I found that uncharted did the cover system and moving around in general better than gears of war. But that's just my opinion.

ShinMaster3020d ago

It definitely did it better. And Gears 2 took note FROM Uncharted for its cover system.

coolbeans3020d ago

No, not at all actually. Gears 2's cover system worked the same way as the first in most respects.

ShinMaster3020d ago

Not at all?

Well here's an excerpt:
"Bleszinski says: "I felt like the Gears cover system worked like 85 percent of the time and we want to get as close to 100 percent as we can."

As a result, an alternate control scheme is incorporated in Gears 2, "which is pretty similar to Uncharted," says Bleszinski."

P_Bomb3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

So tired of reading about Gears' cover system in Uncharted articles. Has anyone who's ever written these types of articles ever played anything before 2006? Or is videogame journalism/blogging forever doomed with selective/short term memory?

007 EVERYTHING OR NOTHING and 007 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE were doing the 3rd person shooter cover system successfully on PS2 and XBox before Gears & Uncharted were even a twinkle in their developers' eyes. Nevermind Gears Gary Francis, give credit where credit's due.

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SaberEdge3020d ago

Like I have said many times before, Uncharted 2 is simply one of the best games I have ever played. It deserves all the praise it has gotten.

RedPawn3020d ago

I really hope they do have underwater areas, or a massive chase action scenario while driving in a giant stampede of large animals.

So far the Uncharted series has been a remarkable series in gaming expression.

MorganX3020d ago

Can't speak for the whole series but UC2 is GOTY worthy.

Unicron3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

But UC2 has garnered a ton of respect from the industry and ND's peers, and even if you don't like the game, you still have to respect its accomplishments.

Rocket Sauce3020d ago

The Uncharted games are my favorite ever, but I would say the title "game of the year" is pretty meaningless. It seems like every game has a game of the year edition re-release. A lot of them happen to be awesome games, but it's pretty silly.

Also, this guy contradicts the hell out of himself when he says,

"The only ground breaking aspect of the IP is the graphics,"


"The story is in my opinion the best aspect of the game, the inclusion of historical mysteries created a sense of scope unparalleled by any other game in this generation."

Newtype3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Wow, this guy is a douche bag. I haven't come across a game that feels the same way as Uncharted 2.

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