Bioware looking to use Microsoft Kinect in Mass Effect 3?

Bioware's Greg Zeschuk was asked what he thought of motion controls and if they could advance storytelling. His response was far from vague as he mentioned that it is something they look to explore with in terms of conversations in Mass Effect.

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topgun333202d ago

I hope they don't incorporate the kinetic into Mass Effect 3. I'm not going to spend an additional 150 bucks in addition to the $64.19 for the game, just to add gesture to an awesome game that plays just fine w/ the regular controller

Xeoset3202d ago

You don't want others to be able to enjoy brand new experiences and additions to an already awesome game base because you don't want to shell out money?

I'm not jumping into Kinect anytime soon, but to deny others such things because you're a cheapass is... insane.

lzim3201d ago

it would be optional or suicide.

consider gesture recognition for biotic powers which could free up face buttons for other actions. that or saying parts of dialogs to select them instead of clicking from the wheel. not to mention Kinectimals interface for certain intimate encounters like acosting shop keepers and interacting with those idiot puzzles.