Ten PS3 Exclusives For Dirt Cheap

You’re a cheapskate and you know it. Everything’s always way too expensive for you, doesn’t matter how good a deal the item you’re eying is. You drive the cheapest car, you cringe when you have to pay for your girlfriend’s dinner. Why she’s with sticks around no one knows, and as for you, Shurfine products are your default when doing grocery shopping.

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timm3hx5067d ago

this is great for all the people who use their ps3 for exclusives only... (what a waste)

seij5555067d ago

What the fuck? How is it a waste? 80% of my collection is Exclusive alongside RDR, FF13, BC2, AC2, MW2, and DMC4.

sikbeta5067d ago

A waste? WTH are you talking about?

How is it a waste when the Exclusives are Awesome...


FreeFalling5067d ago

Is that the person is a multi-console owner, and use the PS3 only for its exclusives while using the 360 for its multiplats +exclusives.

Well, that's what I'd do [I prefer XBL over PSN, don't flame me for that. :P]

ExplosionSauce5067d ago

I haven't heard of people that buy a PS3 for exclusives only. But either way, I don't believe it's a waste if those people happen to prefer certain games.
Why is it only great for those who buy exclusives only? Why can't it be great for those who buy both exclusives and multiplat games?

There are plenty of exclusives to keep people entertained and not everyone may have time to get to the other of multiplatform games.

First of all, there's nothing wrong with it. But most people I know have several multiplat games along with exclusives.

MaxXAttaxX5067d ago

That's funny cause everyone I know uses their PS3 for both exclusives AND multiplat games. We only use 360 for certain exclusives.
But it's all good.

DaTruth5067d ago

The only waste is my money, on multiplats!

Jamegohanssj55066d ago

Da Truth speaks the truth. Bubbles.

Motion5066d ago

Multi plats on PC, exlusives on ps3. :)

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Dramscus5067d ago

I've got mostly exclusives. I get multi platform games if their really good. Gta 4 I'll pick up ced dea eventually. Borderlands. Most games however are just bland. At least most exclusives are new IP's and really great games.

raWfodog5067d ago

I only use my 360 for its exclusives. Multiplats/exclusives on PS3

Darkstorn5067d ago

These actually aren't 'dirt' cheap; some of them are even above MSRP...

Nonetheless, there are some great games on that list.

DORMIN5066d ago

No Valkyria Chronicles = Fail List

raWfodog5065d ago

That's the truth...VC is only $27 on Amazon and they put Haze on the list instead. What's up with that?

gamerzBEreal175067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

you guys perfer xbox live over psn? so u rather pay $600 for 6 years of xbl includeing the price of the 360 to have cross game chat 1 minute voice messageing and in game music? u rather play multiplats on a controller that numbs your hand and scares little children away then haveing next gen rumble? ohh geez kids these days

OSU_Gamer5066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

next gen rumble...lol

keep trolling

Roozium5066d ago

Oh Hai troll, didn't see you there. now, Go back to the cave!

k-Lan5066d ago

Are you complaining about spending $600 over 6 years? lmao! I take it you don't pay bills yet? If you know how to shop, it would cost you $300 over 6 years and yes, XBL is better. That nonsense you wrote about the 360 controller was hilarious. Numbs your hand? Try taking a break from wacking off for hours before playing. Next gen rumble?? LOL! Sony fan confirmed. Scares little children? Are you talking about yourself or the controller? Adults these days....

OSU_Gamer5066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

agreed k-Lan

I also love how people add up a price over multiple years to up the shock value of their comment. Not to mention that this guy can't even get the price right. Plus, its not hard to get XBL for even less than $50 a month.

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thedisagreefairy5067d ago

he didnt mention store name cuz uncharted is 30 everywhere i go

OSU_Gamer5066d ago

there is a link at the bottom of the article


thedisagreefairy5066d ago

i just figured the link was for their site gamesthirst. had no clue they had their own store

Kill Crow5066d ago

weere dirt cheap within a month of relase ... due to poor initial sales ... like all PS3 exclusives, they only sell well in the long run because the proce drops ...

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NYC_Gamer5067d ago

only 2 games on that list not worth buying..


Chicken Chaser5067d ago

Nyc_Gamer - Sarcastic talk right? Right right.

Panthers5067d ago

Socom is very much worth buying. Much better since it released.

Jay5205067d ago

Patches and updates make it a very gun game.

Hideo_Kojima5067d ago

I could have gotten it for £5 extra with my headset...

But I didn't and now I regret it.

Chicken Chaser5067d ago

Um, what's the waste? Great PS3 exclusives for cheap. Nothing's wrong with that.