Trophies, the right way and the wrong way

Trophies or achievements are everywhere in gaming nowadays, but some games do it much better than others. This is our formula for the perfect trophy list

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N4GAddict3090d ago

There shouldn't be any trophies for online multiplayer IMO

Playerz83090d ago

Online multiplayer trophies suck so much. Especially when a game has absolutely no online community, it's almost impossible to get the online trophies.

N4GAddict3090d ago

Yeah, I also hate DLC trophies as well.

3090d ago
PSFan1003090d ago

Some DLC trophies are ok, but I think they shouldn't affect the % count. Online should be removed or be completely separate at least. But i can't see it happen *sigh*

The Great Melon3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

DLC Trophies are OK as long as they aren't factored into the Platinum Trophy, but multiplayer trophies should be avoided in most circumstances. The only time I would allow the latter is if the game is primarily multiplayer to begin with.


I rented R2 again recently to try and get the 10,000 but there were never any ranked games, and when I actually found one, I hated it as much as I did 1.5 years ago. All I need for the platinum is the ridiculous trophy for getting 10,000 kills. Problem is, I hate R2's RANKED multiplayer and hardly anyone plays anymore. Custom MP games are fun, but R2's ranked games suck! Since it takes like 10 minutes to find a game now, if you're lucky, it would take me like over a year to get the trophy.

ThanatosDMC3090d ago

So true. I cant get a single trophy online from AVP3 since their ranked matches are almost non-existent.

At least i enjoy a Predator Hunt game with my close friends but no ranked games means no unlockable skins. Also, it sucks paying for $7+ DLCs that should have been included on the disk for four new maps.

$7 is too much.

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Digitaldude3090d ago

There should, but make them either easy, or not a requirement for platinums.

gamerzBEreal173090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

only online trophies/achivments i liked was uncharted2s and gears of wars

avengers19783090d ago

IMO they should let you get 100% of the trophies without online multiplayer and then have either seperate or different ones for online play.

willie323090d ago

I wish more games would follow Uncharted 2's style of trophy hunting (3 easy online trophies). I really enjoyed earning the trophies. I am also a fan of online trophies but they need to be earned through much simpler tasks. The MAG trophies are downright ridiculous.

dragon823090d ago

MAG trophies are pretty easy if you actually play the game.

ThanatosDMC3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

MAG trophies arent ridiculous... they even dumbed it down which i hated since people got medals other people took time and whatever to get.

The type of trophies i hate are those like shoot 200 pigeons or collect those lightning shards or collect the feathers.

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red2tango3090d ago

DLC trophies are the worst. Not only does World at War suck, half the trophies require map packs so screw that.

kornbeaner3090d ago

@red2tango I got a platinum on World at War prior to DLC and it didn't go away after downloading a map pack.

Esena3090d ago

Platinum trophies only correspond to the retail game. Any DLC downloaded will NEVER affect a platinum trophy.

versusALL3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Ok, off topic, you guys know that movie the expendables. What if Sony made a game with the same idea. You know, get the most badass games in history in 1 game. Cloud, Kratos, Jak, Drake, Sly, Cole, Snake, Ratchet, Sora, Dante and so on. Tell me what you guys think.

red2tango3090d ago

Super Smash Brothers come to mind. And if Sony did that, people would b*tch that Sony copied Nintendo.

Anon73493090d ago

That's a horrible 'badass' list. Cloud? Really? He's an emo asshat in a bad, overrated RPG than you need nostalgia goggles to enjoy. There are much better jRPG like chronotrigger to, why people stick with FF7, or any FF game really is beyond me. The most badass guy on your list was Dante, then probably Snake or Kratos.

Jayjayff3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Dante can't be compare to kratos man and snake is one of the best characters someone can give you

kornbeaner3090d ago

I hate MP trophies as well, that tends to kill the online community for a game before it even gets started. Because for the first 2 weeks you have a bunch of people playing for trophies only

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