GameSpot: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Review

In addition to the single-player story mode, you can team up with a partner and play through a variety of online scenarios in which you must survive wave after wave of spawning foes, fight your way through a maze, and race to see who can eviscerate the most enemies. But the combat is no more capable of providing an enjoyable multiplayer experience than it is a decent single-player one. The concept of tossing you into massive battles against thousands of enemies is certainly one with the potential to deliver eye-popping spectacle and thrilling action, but N3II fails to make good on this concept. The only epic struggle this game puts you in is the test of just how much boredom you can endure.

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ClownBelt3072d ago


A little harsh don't you think?

003072d ago

Because they're not EXTREEEMMM, and can't handle the ONE MIRRION TROOOPPPSSsss.

Klutch3072d ago

Ohh I wanted to say that first. *shakes fist at screen*

Valay3072d ago

This is getting good scores, but...It's still extreeeeeeeme.

Valay3072d ago

Whoops. Just realized I forgot "not." But yes, it's still extreme.

jazzking20013072d ago

hearse review, real hearse