God Eater Burst Announced For North America

DualShockers writes, "Looks like someone has an appetite for God! Okay, I will concur that this was one of the cheesiest, if not lamest, openings seen on DualShockers, and for that I apologize. I’m just a little too excited to know that the God Eater Burst game – which makes its ways from D3 Publishers – will be arriving on North American shores. If I’m excited, you can only imagine what our native RPG fanatic Chad Awkerman is doing. To give you a clue, it involves yelling, shaking, and bad dancing..."

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Hitman07693024d ago

This really looks great. I've never played the original but we need as many games on the PSP as we can get!

Cloudberry3024d ago


rockleex3024d ago

Monster Hunter.

Btw, this is not a sequel. It just has extra content.

Hitman07693024d ago


Good to know. I never thought it was a sequel (as the author states it is an "enhanced version") but thanks for the heads up for those who might not know.

And off topic, yeah Monster Hunter is ridiculous. What a waste of 30 doll hairs.

ThanatosDMC3024d ago

MH is not hard... just dont get hit??? /s

rezzah3023d ago

You guys fails, if you think its that hard tell it to the millions of players who enjoy beatiing the shyt outta those monsters so easily. Sure most of them are jap but that doesnt mean they get a easier verion, you just cant handls a monster hunting game because its so epic.

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raWfodog3024d ago

Been looking forward to this announcement since the game was first released in Japan. The extra content is just gravy...

pspgweber3024d ago

It looks great, this game has more new stuffs than the original one.

Chadness3024d ago

I might be slightly hot and bothered by this. ;)

Myst3024d ago

Hmm do I decide to wait or decide to import. I heard and saw that most of the menu seems to be in Kana with quite a bit of katakana...Though since it apparently has a story I guess I better wait :/

Baka-akaB3024d ago

I'm psyched but i hope it still features the original story . Would suck if it's a sequel and they skipped the first one

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