Square Enix: "Americans don't like turn-based RPGs"

In an recent interview Yuji Horii who worked on Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest stated on various facts. When asked whether there are differences between U.S. and Japan players in the preferred types of genres he mentioned, "II sometimes wonder why the U.S. reviewers are more negative towards turn-based battle system. Real-time play has fun aspects too, but for this type of game there is more strategy that comes with a turn-based system. Also, you can play with other people in this game and decide what actions to take together. Real-time play has fun aspects too, but for this type of game there is more strategy that comes with a turn-based system So, you can play with other people in this game and decide what actions to take together. "

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portablegaming3020d ago

Well I sure do like turn-based role playing games! Especially Final Fantasy.

Cloudberry3020d ago


I love turn based / real time battle system / etc, as long as they're good.

jadenkorri3020d ago

I'm an advent chess player, and I will assure I am 100% Canadian, and love turned placed RPGS, the strategy devised every time wins me the battle. I despise hack and slash in a rpg, its pointless. Granted I do enjoy a 1 player run around and kill stuff style, don't get me wrong, but for a rpg, when you have 10 characters to build up, working with 1 only sucks.

Conloles3020d ago

and this Gen I don't like SE

Chubear3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

TBS is my #1 genre and I go nuts for the thing but SE is right with this one and it saddens me.

If this was coming from any other developer I would have paid it some mind but from SE? pls, I feel they're simply riding on former glory days at this point.

This need to all of a sudden cater to the 360 base is rather disturbing. It's like they'll do anything to make sure the 360 has a chance of having an RPG catch fire like their games did on PS1&2. Just you watch, FF15 will be multiplat and will be in 1st persone view with duel weilding shottys :/

Cutting off their nose to spite their face. Crazy

sikbeta3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Dear SE:

JRPG Fans aka JRPG Gamers of all over the world, don't care about what Americans (generalizing Americans like FPS+Linearity-Lovers) like or not, so, FOCUS on making your Games for Your Real Fans and stop trying to cater only the Americans...

Omega Archetype3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Exactly. I hate that these companies try to put every person in a country/specific region/race into a generalization.

I love Turn-based RPGs (I actually prefer them over Action-RPGs, though I also love Action RPGs,) and hate that it's going away entirely.

What is wrong with SE? They obviously no longer know their audience. I get sad inside when I hear stupid things like this.

I hate when Japanese companies try to make games more Westernized. We play and enjoy Japanese games because they are Japanese (among other reason,) and trying to cater to an audience that's never been there is just dumb IMO. Worry about the audience that's been there the whole time and will continue to be there should you (ie the companies) continue to make good games and not abandon things that worked simply to gain an audience that doesn't care about your particular genre.

Eamon3019d ago

The golden days of turn-based RPG.

I miss them ever so much! I think the last true turn-based RPG game was Lost Odyssey.

I think western gamers are more into non-stop action and actually manually controlling your character's fighting.

I for one loved the strategic and tactical gameplay from old FF games. FF13 is just waay too easy to the point of button mashing. The only tactical shit in that game was the Paradigm Shift really.

FF10 is the last amazing Final Fantasy game imo.

infamous-butcher3019d ago

I miss the turn based battle system so much that Im seriously thinking of hooking up my PS2 to play FFX. I even bought a DS for pokemon.
Mind you Im not American, so SE shouldnt take any notice of my opinion or anyone else who supports them.

rockleex3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Can you imagine Toyota talking about how they need to find a way to get teen girls interested in cars?

That's how ridiculous SE is this gen.

Always talking about how the non-JRPG audience isn't interested in JRPGs!

Well fuck'em! Why don't you just focus on the JRPG audience that CLEARLY LOVES JRPGs?!?

AngryTypingGuy3019d ago

I for one would take a western RPG any day of the week.

KozmoOchez3019d ago

only gaming noobs dont like turn based...anyone who likes a slight challenge in their RPGs loves turn based. I'm American and I especially love strategy RPGs like FF Tactics - i even bought tactics 3 times: one on ps1, one for psp, and again on psn. I love it in a strategy RPG game when a well thought out balanced party comes together and wins a big boss fight. I don't mind taking like 30min-1hour for one battle just b/c the AI is really making me work for the win.

I mean, FF13 fights would down you a star or two for battles that were like 5sec longer than expected...5 SECONDS!!! Barely any thought is needed for these "western" rpgs...just spam attacks, defend, spam some more - not too much thought

AngryTypingGuy3019d ago

Ya ever think that maybe it's personal preference? Maybe I don't like games that are too Jappy.

bviperz3019d ago

Agree, a great RPG is a great RPG regardless of what type of 'system' it uses.

evrfighter3019d ago

Americans do like strategy games. But the strategy fans in America don't play on consoles. Civilization and total war are fine examples

raWfodog3019d ago

Americans don't like stupid-ass comments. That's what we don't like...

extermin8or3019d ago

well im from england and I don't like turn based RPG's either, the only exception was a early ps2 game called orphen that was good

SephireX3019d ago

@sikbeta I couldn't agree more. If SE want to tailor to general Americans or people in the west, they should do it with other franchises such as Hitman, Deus Ex or Tomb Raider. Keep FF and DQ games with traditional turn-based combat systems. That's what those franchises are known for. FF fans want complex fun strategic combat in FF games, not dumbed down gameplay and 10 hour tutorials. With FFXV, make it traditional. Don't bring back random battles but make the combat system as fun and challenging as the old FF games. Oh and include towns and a world map for heaven's sake. I hope Versus has challenging and enjoyable gameplay like the old games and I hope it remains PS3 exclusive. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a PS3 fanboy but let's be honest about it, the game will be better if a PS3 exclusive. FF was reborn on the original Playstation and it looked death in the face on the 360. So let's hope Versus solves these issues and brings FF back to its former glory of the 1990's.

AngryTypingGuy3018d ago

Sorry, wasn't I politically correct enough for you guys? Don't you guys know that political correctness is for sissies?

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Brewski0073020d ago

Statements like this from square-enix shows how wrongly they generalise the west. They have this false perception of the western world that is not helping them in making games.
Take final fantasy xiii. A great game visually but it lacked the exploration aspect for the most part and was so linear because square-enix wanted to aim at what they thought western audiences wanted.
Their views on the west is seriously damaging the companies reputation in my opinion. Hope they get their head out of their own ass's soon.

bakasora3020d ago

$quareenix really lost its magic.
Its no longer the company I respected years ago.

HolyOrangeCows3020d ago

Generalize? No, they figured it out with math. The East is very good at math.

(See what I did thar?)

NeutralGamer3019d ago

Its true..

Games with turnbased combats doesent become great hits.. We might love it but its not bestsellers...

Just look at Lost Odyssey...

webeblazing3019d ago

i hate to say it they do gotta point most people over here like shooting, gore, action, and shooting. but like somebody above said they shouldnt worry about that and should be worring about they loyal fans. by them saying that it prove theyre not worring about they core fanbase.

its funny my friend would never play an rpg and he loves fallout3 and had it for years. he just found out its an rpg. lol, i wonder why he loves it.

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Persistantthug3020d ago

I would much rather an action based one.

Personal Taste.

paradigmfellow3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I like turn based RPGs

flyingmunky3020d ago

I like either. Basically if it has some sort of character advancement system in place(whether through levels, stats, or upgradeable weapons) I will generally enjoy the game.

JokesOnYou3020d ago

In my case its true, I never liked FF, jrpg's just don't hold my attention, however there are plenty of Americans who like "turn-based" rpg's just not as much as Japanese gamers do....but thats no different than saying Japanese don't like shooters.


BABY-JEDI3019d ago

It's never really good to generalise period.

Christopher3020d ago

For me, I like real-time combat that can be paused if you're going the strategic route. I don't like strict turn-based games like FFVII anymore. Rogue Galaxy did a good job with the FF style of combat, but keeping it active and in real-time during battles.

JsonHenry3020d ago

I like turned based STRATEGY games. But I do not like **most** turned based JRPGs. The only one I have ever liked was XenoGears for the PS1.

IMO FF Tactics is the best turned based strategy game ever. However I couldn't care less about anything else FF.

flyingmunky3020d ago

I must have spent at least 300 hours across my 4 quests in FFT and FFT: War of the Lions. That game is ridiculously good.

willie62893019d ago

If you have not done so already, you MUST try Valkryria Chronicles. Excellent game that it sounds like you would like.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Well, Turn Based is not the main genre for Americans.


Most of the American Gaming Sites were excited for FFXIII before release, there was a lot of hype and marketing.

But the game didn't deliver as expected to be.

tplarkin73020d ago

You can't argue with sales. I want to see Square Enix make games like Bioshock, Mass Effect, or Oblivion.

SolidSystem3020d ago

except Final Fantasy and co. do sell well here? its a good market, its not like its some nitch market that is not worth while for developers...

Godmars2903020d ago

But if it wasn't for the early turn based FF Square wouldn't be where they are now. Wouldn't be regraded as they once were, much less be call a crap company now that they've abandoned turn based games. Story tell for that matter.

darthawesome903019d ago

Is it right to really say that? How do we even know that a Final Fantasy turn based JRPG wouldn't have sold better? There hasn't even been a console turn based RPG that has scored better than a 9.0 on since FFXII(PS2). JRPG's don't sell because the companies have failed to release a decent JRPG game, not because the Genre is dead!

D4RkNIKON3020d ago

But a FF7 remake is every westerner's wet dream.. I know it's mine!

Redempteur3020d ago

no it's not .
any seriosu rpg fan would rather have another great rpg rather than a remake

remakes help so sagas but FF doesn't need it

Redempteur3019d ago

another post to sya that i'm sorry about my spelling mistakes

games4fun3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I am dissapointed in square as much as the next guy but the statement he made and the headline presented are two different things. Edit: Americans(headline), US REVIEWERS (Statement)

He made a fair statement, alot of turnbased rpg's are getting slagged for being old-hat when other genres such as Fps have changed very little.

I played ff #1 recently and was more impressed with the fighting mechanic of that game, than others in the series. There are hordes and many numbers of fighters and the group upgrades in level are reflected in the number of hits they can make, as apposed to just increasing their pnts/hit.

I think they just need to start tweaking the turn-based system more. Maybe make something else besides summons/same magic. Prove they can lead the charge for turn-based. Maybe have the summon's names as friends on the main storyline, have their attacks upgrade and reflect in that manner odin/lightning attacks and so on. Maybe be able to cast lightning on all swords as an unlock and so on.

I'm just saying they don't need to remove turn-based they just need to change their traditional system, change magic and summons with other things for a change.

ceiltsei3020d ago

Turn based games were my introduction to RPG style games, and I was there from the beginning with Dragon Quest. Funny how Dragon Quest stays focused yet Final Fantasy went experimental to the point of destroying their entire franchise.

Odin7773019d ago

I'm inclined to disagree with you there. I don't know why everyone suddenly thinks final fantasy turned into an action-rpg or even just an action game. I don't think there is one final fantasy game that isn't turn based in some shape or form. It may be presented differently and have more cinematic battle (ff13) but you still have to wait your turn (atb gauge) to attack, you can't just attack at will like an action game or shooter, so it is still turn based it just isn't done in the same style as past final fantasy games.

voodoopickle3019d ago

Dragon Quest has changed drastically from its roots. Look for Dragon Warrior I-IV on the original NES. It was exactly the same as FF I-VI. And I still like to go back and play those games

wicko3020d ago

Here we go again with shitty "game journalism"... actual quote:

Yuji Horii: I wonder sometimes why the US reviewers are more negative towards turn-based battle systems.


He did not say Americans don't like turn-based RPGs, he's just saying he wonders why reviewers bash turn-based. TBH its rare for me to agree with a reviewer, I'd say they are pretty poor representations of how a large number of gamers actually feel about a particular game.

kevnb3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

if we want turn based we wil probably play on pc, something like civ 4 or an mmo, not some silly emo story driven game.

franktheprankreturns3020d ago

The world formula by Square Enix. I bet that is the reason why the Xbox 360 sales suck so bad in Japan. That must be the reason, don't you think?

Shepherd 2143019d ago

Actually, my all time favorite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and its completely turn-based and im an American. It was even made by Bioware, a western company.

valanceer3019d ago

Square don't talk for us.... I'm American and I love turn based FF...

Heisenberg3019d ago

If we hate it so much, why did we all love the old FF's and hate the new garbage? Basically, to justify why they make such shitty games now, they tell us it's because that's what we in the West want.

likedamaster3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

"Americans don't like turn-based RPGs"

Not true. Give us something good looking, innovative, and fun and you'll get our money. Same goes for any game in any genre. Simple as that.

Bravo43019d ago

As long as its an RPG with a great story and/or great gameplay, its fine with me.

WildArmed3019d ago

I prefer turn-based RPGs over any time of games..
it's RPGs then Action games (in priority list) for me.

Jaces3019d ago

Not true, it's just that they keep releasing shitty JRPG's.

Fu*k Squeenix, I want Squaresoft, back when they made good games.

IaMs123019d ago

Not gonna lie i really dont like them, only a few games i can stand with it. FF, and Might and Magic VI & VII, only ones i will be happy with the turn base.

Ive always liked controlling every aspect of the combat, like Oblivion, but i just wish it had little better combat. Dont get me wrong it was awesome but still felt off.

Why do all open world games, ok maybe not all but most, screw up the combat?

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ranmafandude3020d ago

wtf is wrong with square enix lol.

nikkisixx23020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

What is wrong with Square Enix?

They know nothing about the Western gaming world therefore when they try to make games specifically for us "Westerners" they fail completely.

Ult iMate3020d ago

Just like with Nier. They hold the version with a kawaii brother for Japan and gave gaijins a version with an ugly looking dad. ((( .

WildArmed3019d ago

lmfao I know.
It's like they live in another fuking world.
We want turn based RPG games, they think we DONT. (why have we been screaming for FF7~9 on PSN?)

I swear, SE is one of the most arrogant and stereotypical publisher out there!

portablegaming3020d ago

Wow Square Enix found out the reason why Pokémon just doesn't sell at all in the West....

Baliw3019d ago

Neither the Wizardry franchise. ;)

MorganX3020d ago

Guess they never heard of Dungeons & Dragons. Problem in, no one can faithfully recreated the experience in a game. Instead they do cat people and giant chickens. No Americans don't love cat people and giant chickens.

After all these years, I'm convinced no one will ever have the skill or resources to bring the D&D experience to consoles.

Just take a D&D Module and digitize it with Diablo III graphics and implement turn-based.

Nitrowolf23020d ago

but i can understand what they are saying
Its just not as popular as it is in Asia
I love Turn Base, but only if there is a good enough story to go along with it.

Miroque3020d ago

But still USA makes 30% of all Final Fantasy Games, Japan 50% and rest of the World including Europe 20%. According to VGChartz.

franktheprankreturns3020d ago

And if every American would stop buying their turn-based games they would go bankrupt pretty soon. :P

Omega43020d ago

"I sometim