Will A Sid Meier’s Civilization Title Ever Come Back To Consoles?

Sid Meier is the king of turn based strategy and I think that two years is way to long for him to be out of the console business. But hey I could be alone in this you tell me, does 2K need to get another Civilization title for consoles in the pipleine ASAP or am I in the minority?

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Lou-Cipher3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Civilization Revoloution was a great game, and I would more than welcome a Civilization Revoloution sequel.

Civilization Revoloution was a poor man's Civilization 4, but It was worth every penny.

I would love to see Civilization 5 come to PS3 with Keyboard & Mouse Support,and maybe with Move Support as well.(If it works well enough) Sony needs to get on that ASAP. :)

Im definetely buying Civ 5 when it comes out on the PC, but I would rather buy it on my PS3. (If it had K&M/Move Suppot that is)

Rainstorm813207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Civ 5 on consoles FTW

Kudos to PC for these types of games, with Move and Kinect it shouldnt be a problem to have mouse type control for them.

Blacktric3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

With Move maybe but Kinect? No buttons. Just saying. Oh and I just remembered those Civilization times on PlayStation. Great times.

ColdFire3207d ago

But you bound to have a PC that can play CIV V, not super demanding.

Conloles3207d ago

OLOLOLOL if it did happen it would just be a ridiculously inferior version

blackmagic3207d ago

"not super demanding"
not super demanding on the gpu but SUPER demanding on the cpu. Try a large size map with 6 or more starting civilizations at the king or emperor difficulty level and you'll see that your computer will start to chug by the time you reach the steam age. btw, it isn't until you reach the king difficulty level that the computer opponents don't have a handicap against you, in cheiftan, warlord and prince difficulty levels the computer is given negative modifiers to make it easy for you. This is one of the few games that hadn't been seriously dumbed down for the console 'demographic' until revolutions, the baby einstein version of civilization, and I am so happy that it only did so-so on consoles. We would have all been doomed to civ for tards if it had been really successful.

Chubear3207d ago

The console version of Civ this gen (not like the last one on consoles many yrs ago) was done as a console oriented game with the mind set of console gamers used to develop the game and not a port of the PC version that caters to a different style of delivering CiV gameplay thus the two different names in Revolution for consoles and the numeric conjuctions to the titles like CiV1,2,3,4,5 etc for PC.

CiV Rev was fantastically implemented for console gamers. I was a lot more fast paced and action oriented so console gamers could play 10-20 games in 200hrs instead of one game in 200-300hrs.

I loved the console version and I really hope they bring out a great sequel to it... and perhaps slow the game down just a little bit, find a way not make the AI over agressive where war in inevitable and and make the world a bit larger too.

Sid did a incredible job with CiV Rev and I hope he'll have the will to invest into another console version. btw anyone know how much the console versions ended up selling to date?

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MikeGdaGod3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

i like the Civs games on pc and consoles

i love the pc ver for its depth, and the consoles for its quick-fix-abilities

i love Rev and i'd get the sequel

iamnsuperman3207d ago

hope not if it is like revolution.... I found the graphical style of the revolution game was childish and also the game got boring quick.... In my opinion one of my worst buys but I do tend to buy good games.

Raoh3207d ago

i hope so.. i loved revolution..

it could have been more powerful as far as game size, content, challenge and difficulty

but it was a really good start.. .

dizzleK3207d ago

i wish it had let you keep playing after you won, i want to nuke everybody.

unknown1003207d ago

Revolution was an awesome game and i haven't found it boring two years later. lol.

MysticStrummer3207d ago

Agreed. I still play it. Would buy a sequel day one. I didn't mind the graphics so much though I would prefer a more realistic approach. Also, I'd like the option to have bigger worlds and to choose the number of AI civs.

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