Street Fighter II' Now Live

Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is finally available for Xbox 360 owners to purchase on Marketplace. Street Fighter will set users back 800 Marketplace Points.

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TheMART4520d ago

Hell ya!

When I'm home from the office I'll get it right away. There are 900 MP points on my account so this sweety just fits in :)

DC RID3R4520d ago

but definately needs an official capcom joypad!!!

DC RID3R4520d ago

server connections need a little tweaking also!!

BIadestarX4519d ago

Specially the rank servers.
I'm very impressed how smooth (No lag for me) the games when playing online. This is a perfect port from the original version with the extra goodies.

filthpig28104519d ago

needs a better d-pad for this ive nearly destroyed my pad in anger at not being able to do the moves when i want to.

Cyclonus4519d ago

Especially, when you're playing some CHEAP BASTARD who uses fat E Honda, and his god damn Billion Hand Slaps! Either you sit there and block(which takes of health), or you try to jump over fatass and own him from the other side--but guess what? The P.O.S D-pad you're using interprets "up-and-over" as "straight up" and Honda S L I D E S right under you...and there goes half your health.

Yeah, yeah, I know I could use Ken/Ryu and "Hadouken" fools all day, but that's cheap, too; I like to use a fighter's FULL repertoire to win. And I use M.Bison almost exclusively.

Dick Jones4519d ago

This game is basically unplayable with the official Microsoft controller.

speed4518d ago

We need an old school controller for this old school game. I couldn't get used to playing with the standard one, way too akward.