Top 10 Next-Gen Sleepers

Ten Xbox 360 games you're not talking about but should be.

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the_bebop5399d ago

About half of those games are actually multi platform.

Krimson5399d ago

What's your point? The article never claimed they were exclusives. It's from "", scuse them for talking about future xbox games.

the_bebop5399d ago

I know that they were never claimed to be exclusive, but some of those games have actually been talked about alot, or maybe I am just thinking about info comming from IGN, Gamespot and Playstation websites and not Xbox sites.

PS360PCROCKS5398d ago

Yea dead rising, alan wake, the darkness, theirs alot of games on their I am VERY interested in, it's not our fault we don't talk about them, their NO INFO yet on ANY of those games at all, stupid article