DualShockers First Anniversary Party, Gamers Gone Wild!

DualShockers writes, "The point of the community is sticking together and here at SFX-360 we ensure that that is what happens, not just in our community, but everywhere we reach out to. But we are not the only ones out there trying to get gamers together, whether through independent efforts or even by spreading gaming news, we all serve the gamer and we try hard to unite them under one metaphorical flag. Because we’re all out for the same end we don’t mind lending a hand to anyone who needs a little help.

So we’re assisting our fellow communities by helping to sponsor the DualShockers First Year Anniversary Party in NYC. So if you’re chilling in New York (or if you live there) then you are invited to attend the DualShockers First Year Anniversary Party on July 17th. The night will be raving and there will also be a number of raffles and giveaways throughout the night. We at SFX-360 will be lending our support by raffling off an Xbox 360 at the party...."

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Hitman07693112d ago

This should be one hell of a party. With all of the sponsors being announced daily and all of the great people who have RSVP'd to hang out with the DualShockers writers and readers it would be a shame to miss this bash!

thevokillist3112d ago

Very nice!! Wish I could make it out there!! Bring the party to the west coast!!

iiprotocolii3112d ago

I'm glad to see that we made it as far as a year. I sincerely hope that NYC gamers (or those close to NYC) will come and celebrate with us. One thing us DualShockers guys know how to do aside from gaming is party :D Hope to see some of you local N4G'ers there.

JoelT3112d ago

to meet any of the local N4G crowd!

Chadness3112d ago

Open bar sounds tasty, yes it does.

Hitman07693112d ago

It's true but sometimes it's the bad things that feel so good? LoL I Fail but hey we are all human.

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