Madden 08 Countdown: Create-A-Stadium

Madden NFL 08 is only three weeks away, and we couldn't be more excited for the upcoming release. Let's face it, the first two next-gen Madden's felt a little light on features and gameplay mechanics. It was like the series was treading water until Tiburon could deliver the goods. On August 14 those goods will be delivered with the first truly worthy Madden game in the past three years.

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okcomputer4100d ago

So I can create an entire stadium from scratch, but I can't put nets behind the goalposts or play the actual game at 60fps on the ps3? Nice.

The previews from this years madden have me pretty disappointed. Instead of focusing on superficial crap like the "weapons" gimmick or a create-a-stadium, they should have focused entirely on improving the gameplay like fixing the crap running game or the god awful secondary ai from '07, and put back some of the online features from last gen's madden. I'm really hoping the previews are just focusing on the new stuff and they really did change the gameplay for the better.

likeaboss3024100d ago

I totally agree. Let's see we are in the third year of next gen (360 at least) and the refs and chain gang are still not on the field. I swear Madden has become a joke but it's the only NFL game in town.

Sorry APF2k8 doesn't cut it because that's just NFL2K5 with historic players and fake teams. They forgot to upgrade the graphics and everything else there. lol

Bolts4100d ago

30 fps or not, this game is a must buy for any football fan. Go Bolts!!

sabbath4204100d ago

ea has crapped on all the goods. no onfield refs? no nets? I agree with the first post here. On the 2k8 note the game is improved from 2k5 in allot of areas. 2k5's graphics were ahead of there time anyway. I deffenayly would have loved to seen the graphics improved but the gameplay is so awsome I look past the graphics. And the animations blow madden away by far. look at the sheer number of tackleing animations.

Dlacy13g4100d ago

Me Madden. I dont' mind the lack of onfield refs or no nets behind the goal posts. The nets truly being a minor, minor issue in my eyes. The refs...yeah that would be a nice touch.

From a fantasy league perspective the build your own stadium is a great addition. Definitely lets you put a personal stamp to your franchise game.

And as for animations...sorry...Madden has 2k8 All Pro beat both graphically and animation wise imo.

Monty_The_Great4100d ago

why people complain about the sideline stuff that happens in the game. I know that when I am playing Madden, I am focused on my play and not if there is a ref or if there is a net behind the goal post. Also, people complain about the crowd, how often are you playing and you stop in the middle of the play and go, "dang, the crowd looks so last-gen." Thats right, never. It seems as if EA has done a much better job with the controls and physics in the game, because this will be the first Madden I have bought in years.

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