It "took just five weeks" to integrate PlayStation Move into R.U.S.E.

GamerZines writes:

Having recently demonstrated PlayStation Move functionality for its upcoming World War II RTS title R.U.S.E., Ubisoft have praised Sony's new motion tech in allowing the developer to provide consoles users with the "best experience possible."

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garos823026d ago

certainly a breath of fresh air for sony since its hard enough for developers to convert multiplats to ps3 hardware.
im glad to see that move will be heavily supported- that is what will ultimately justify myself from getting it.

OmarJA-N4G3026d ago

Looks like PlayStation Move is more friendly & compatible than Kinect.

By the way is there a Kinect support for R.U.S.E?

nikkisixx23026d ago

I think they said their is no Kinect support.

SprSynJn3026d ago

Something about the camera not being to track well enough when the player is sitting down. You would need to stand up for the entire match for it to work properly. Apparently matches can last up to three hours.

thehitman3026d ago

Is being put in games like R.U.S.E. Socom KZ3 LBP HeavyRain RE5 and so much more. Real games that gamers plays, Kinect we get dance dance revolution and kinectamals. If I dont pick up Move at launch ill surely make sure its on my xmas list

wages of sin3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

So everything else is not real because it doesn't have shooting, slashing, boobs, or cursing. If that's what you call "hardcore" or "real" than that's pretty pathetic. Hardcore or real, are not defined by genre.

Not only that but tacking on Move controls to games you already have that play better with a controller in the first place isn't what this "real" gamer wants. I want new experiences, I don't want to play something I've had for months or years with added Move functionality. If you do, great but that doesn't make you anymore of gamer than anyone else.

I'm starting to believe that the "real" and "hardcore" gamers are those like me, who have been around since the beginning of this and know and remember what gaming is about.


rezzah3026d ago

Yea your right about that, a new experience. But is it still not a new experience in its own right when used to play a game that has already been released? The new experience would be playing with the Move controller instead of the DS3. Also how would you know that the game plays better with the original controller? Unless you have played each game for yourself and created your own conclusion then thats alright. Good for you, but that doesnt mean what you say is what everyone else would agree with. There are two sides, the people who will enjoy using Move with both new and old games and then those (like you) who would rather play only new games with the Move (example Sorcery).

Personally I will be playing the new games only. theres no need for me to go and buy RE5 Gold edition (or w/e its called) just to use Move. I am looking forward to Sorcery and Heroes.

rdgneoz33025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"tacking on Move controls to games you already have that play better with a controller" isn't always true. People have said that DS3 players have gotten owned by Move players when testing Socom 4. And when people were demoing it, they were saying that you could pop out of cover, shoot a guy behind a car in the leg or such, and pop back into cover with the Move while it would take a bit longer to line up the shot with the DS3. For some games, the Move is like a mouse, which many prefer over a controller.

@Wages of sin, don't be butt hurt because you feel that dance central is hardcore and no one else does ( ). And for the hardcore family games,

OSU_Gamer3026d ago

Not surprising assuming Move will probably just be used for point and click and motion based command.

D4RkNIKON3026d ago

It wont be used for JUST that, it can do most any gametype.

OSU_Gamer3026d ago

I'm talking for this game only. That's why it was so easy to integrate.

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

Ju3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

What does "motion based commands" mean ? They said the Mav controller is to move/scroll the map, while the "Wand" is used for menus, zooming, selecting units (perfect as a lasso/box selector like the mouse). What else you want in that type of game ?

OSU_Gamer3026d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

First of all you are acting like i am criticizing, take a deep breath. Not sure where in my comment it showed any opinion on Move.
All i am trying to say is, to integrate Move into an RTS it wouldn't be that difficult. That's why it only took two weeks.

"They said the Mav controller is to move/scroll the map, while the "Wand" is used for menus, zooming, selecting units (perfect as a lasso/box selector like the mouse)."
And I'm sure it will work great. You need to relax.

PirosThe4th3026d ago

Talking about OSU.... an OSU like game for the PS3 with Move will be awesome!

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Well in it's simplest form you can just use it as a mouse, but will a host of buttons. Should be rather easy to use and both add into a RTS.

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