Looking back: R.U.S.E and why gamers don't reward new IP development

Digitally Downloaded writes: "What happens when you take a genre that console gamers don’t usually get to enjoy, work hard to make it look good and play well and then release it? Encouragement to never do it again."

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kostchtchie_3842d ago

i actually enjoyed the game and how it played

rdgneoz33842d ago

I enjoyed it as well. Just towards the end, I ended up getting stuck on one of the last missions and since there not many playing it, trying to look for help wasn't easiest.

gamerz3842d ago

RUSE makes good use of the Move controller.. but it did get a little fussy when there is a lot of units right next to each other.

Ju3842d ago

I liked it. I am glad some people take the risk to actually make games I like, even knowing the masses won't buy it. Don't give up, people.